Navy News: "Did You Serve In Watery Wessex?"


"Diver and photographer Simon Brown is looking for former crew who served in a Fleet Air Arm Wessex which now sits on the bed of a flooded quarry.

Simon – who regular dives with RN units to capture their underwater exploits – photographed the vintage aircraft, XS122, at the National Diving and Activity Centre."
The photo in the article, (found by opening link), shows the Wessex to be yellow and blue which indicates it is a ASW Wessex, either a Mk 1 or Mk 3. Without consulting the bible, (FAA Helicopters 1943 to present day), I wouldn't guess.

The green Helicopter shown flying past Portland Bill is a 772 Wessex Mk 5 based at Portland not Lee on Solent as the article suggests. (Even naval journo's get it wrong!!!! tsk - tsk!

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