Navy News: "Balbo bags it for Fleet Air Arm at RIAT"

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by soleil, Aug 12, 2009.

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  1. Wafu's - One

    Crabs and the rest of the world - Nil

  2. Has anyone else heard ot the term Balbo?
    I spent 22 years (1963-1985) in the FAA and a Flypast was always referred to as just that.
    When did this name come into use?
    Looked at the internet, found the spic but nothing about the name being used for a flypast :p
  3. Thanks
    However is it now in common use? Or is it some journo trying to make a name for himself by using what seems to be an old term which has fallen into disuse?

  4. "Forty-one helicopters, jets and propeller-driven aircraft (roughly one fifth of the Fleet Air Arm’s strength) grouped together for a mass flypast, or Balbo."

    Filed under not impressed as their was no offensive fast air to be seen. Helos and some trainers do not do it for me.
  5. It wasn't a common term but I had heard it a few times. I never knew the story behind it. Just put it down to an officer type thing and left it there.
  6. Wrong, there were two Harriers up front when I was there on the Saturday.

    Anyway, Merlins and Lynx are pretty bloody offensive if you're on a ship or submarine

  7. Far more offensive were a squadron of Buccaneers, another squadron of Phantoms and just to keep the submariners happy a Seaking squadron dunking.

    Today's armament fails to impress and is not very offensive. Blame ALL governments since 1976 for this :x
  8. I reckon that it was a well deserved prize. i saw the display on the saturday and thought it was quality...the harriers were ace!!....well done too all the people involved

    Good also seeing the vulcan....pretty impressive aircraft.
  9. The Vulcan display was pretty tame compared with the last time I saw it (about 15 years ago at Boscombe) but with only 8 engines left, out of the hundreds they had, they could keep going for 9 years or only 3 if they go bersyque with it.

    The Itie display team were good with the singleton doing a tailslide back through his own smoke trail, I didnt think jet engines worked going backwards???

    The NZAF Boeing 757 ( Like you go to Spain etc. in.) going vertical and doing a wing over was impressive, I wouldnt want to be sat in the back of that with a cup of tea in my hand.

    The Lynx doing rolls and loops,heard they could do them but the first time Id seen it.

    The Satu :) rday was a good day
  10. agreed the boeing display was very guttsey...i wonder if they served in-flight meals on that one

    The italian display was good...the commentator was hilarious he was hyper as hell...he got that excited he couldnt string a sentence together...Personaly for me that sound of the typhoon is unreal, it makes your ribcage shake...i love it!!!
  11. "De aircraf a all lined up ata d end o da runway and abat to tec a off now buta we wait a 5 minuta fow de cloud to clea and we geta 5 tawsan fit o da clea sky an we puta o d mosta butifull display." Like Gino on "Ready steady cook" on speed. :D

    The Typhoon brought some real NOISE to the display Ace :p :p :p :p
  12. Well all very spectacular but during a month of many losses in Afghanistan this country is not in a position to put on such displays. In my humble opinion of course.
  13. Yes true but we carnt be miserable all the time can we. We need something to lift the spirits just a tad.
  14. Thats ok then 8O
  15. It's actually mentioned in the news story in the original link!!!

    "The Balbo takes its name from the inter-war Italian aviation pioneer (and Fascist, but we don’t like to talk about that bit) Italo Balbo. It remains as impressive a sight now as it was seven decades ago."

  17. A GR9 is many things, but offensive fast air it ain't.

    THIS was the last time the FAA had offensive fast air…



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