Navy News archives now online

For those who have lofts groaning with back issues of Navy News, online digital versions dating back to June 1954 are now available here:

Just make sure you click sequentially on each button for the relevant decade, year and month.

BZ to Asst_Ed and his team!

(Anyone heard from him recently?)
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I e-mailed NNews to ask about access and back issues, reply below

There is no charge to look at Navy News online. You are able to read any part
of the website at your will. In the online archives you can also download
copies and print pages. There is no need to login unless you want to take out a
subscription or something else from the store. If you also want to respond to
the forums or put your own message on the forum, you will also need to login to

If you are looking through the archives, if an image appears of the front page
for that month, then I have scanned it and put it online, if there is no image,
I still have to scan that edition. I have put a full list of the uploaded
copies on our Facebook page under Albums

Trevor Muston
Editorial Support/Archivist
Navy News
Leviathan Block
HMS Nelson
Queen Street

Tel: +44 (0)23 9272 5064
Fax: +44 (0)23 9283 8845
[email protected]


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