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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Sooty, Apr 2, 2007.

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  1. Has anyone read the letter on page 6 of this months NN titled "Take Reservists seriously"?

    Written by a Lt Cdr who appears to be having a go at the fact that the new Cdre RNR had his appointment photo taken on board HMS VICTORY.

    Am i the only person not really understanding what the issue is? Yes take us seriously, but what does that have to do with a photo?

    It appears to me that letters such as that would have the opposite effect!
  2. You beat me to it! I see the author is Media Branch. I think she was probably tasked to get a letter into Navy News as part of a course. It makes no sense what so ever. I would have though that haveing The ceremony onboard Victory has precisely the opposite effect to the one she suggests. It shows that we are taken seriously by the RN.

    Question for "DEE" (or should that be ARR DEE, as in kiss my RD). Where would you have the ceremony? Down the Hole? In a large tent in Basra? In an old fort in Helmand? Or maybe President's Drill Deck. After all, that was good enough for Commander Bond .

    Final point if you don't understand the "Place" that Nelson and Trafalgar have in the modern service I suggest you do some reading.
  3. Having just read the article i'm also lost as to what the issue is.

    Where should the photo have been taken?
  4. Lt Cdr promotion to thinks not anymore !!

    The sad think about the letter is how do we expect reservists to be taken seriously when you get idiots like this writing letters like this on our behalf....especially an officer in the Media branch...for gods sake...!!

    Question..which gear was brain in when pen was put to paper!!!!
  5. Photo taken on Victory... so what?
  6. Is there an on-line version of the article or can someone reproduce it in this forum please? I am currently off on the oggin and nowhere near a newsagent, let alone one that might sell Navy News and I am 'intrigued'!
  7. In a nutshell, it was a brief letter penned by a Lt Cdr questioning why the appointment of the new RNR Cdre was done outside the Victory, and seems to imply that this is somehow backward looking or suggests that reservists are not taken seriously. (ie. in front of an old wooden ship and not on the deck of some big grey death-dealing destruction monger.)

    The letter may have been edited for all we know.

    However, the correspondent seems to be ignorant of the fact that HMS Victory is 2SL's flagship (I think :oops: ) and his appointment takes place on the deck of said ship.

    As the RNR Cdre works for 2SL I see no problem with his appointment outside the Victory.

    IMHO, the letter makes the correspondent look like a bit of a tit and perhaps Navy News should have spared her blushes and not printed it.

    But hey, what do I know?
  8. I did wonder what the problem was , if there ever was a problem ,
  9. It wouldn't suprise me if NN printed it on purpose to prove a point. The letters complete claptrap off someone in a position who i would expect to know better.
  10. Had a look on the NN website but their letters page is only up to Feb this year.

    Makes the company I work for look efficient.

    Isnt it about time the Royal Navy sat up and took their RNR seriously?

    Whoever decided to announce a new RNR Commodore with a picture of Cdre Thorne standing in front of HMS VICTORY (March) is really not doing the RN or RNR any favours.

    As the most senior officer in the RNR, Cdre Thorne should be taken seriously and afforded due respect to his rank and experience.

    Whiste VICTORY, Nelson and Trafalgar have thier place, the RN now has to realise this is now part of history.

    As Cdre Thorne rightly pointed out; "Reservists are an integral part of our ability to launch and sustain naval campaigns throughout the world"- this is a forward looking statement and not bagged down in the past.

    So please Royal Navy, take your reservists seriously. (quote)

    I think this letter might have achieved exactly the opposite to what it was intended to?
  12. Correct me if I am wrong, but hasn't the supercession of the Cdre tradionally taken place on the Victory?
  13. The supercession of all major admirals occurs on Victory. Sadly the 2 1/2 has just set our cause back quite a long way - what a total cnut :(
  14. I would love to see where she thinks he should have had his photo taken?

    Ajax barge maybe?
  15. Well I am glad I am not the only one who did not understand the letter.

    However, I have known the author of the letter for a great number of years, and I know she is a committed member of the RNR. I can only assume that either the letter was edited, or that she meant something else. Perhaps it might be something to do with the fact that the majority of the Media Ops specialisation, are out of the touch with the mainstream RNRU based personnel - they wear the uniform, but are not seen much within the RNRU. The Media Ops people recruit from RNRU, but don't seem willing to do much about helping with the day-to-day work or the recruitment to the RNR.

    I agree with many of the comments above, I think the Flagship is a pretty good place for the handover to have happened. So given (I assume) that our friends in Media Ops look at RR, perhaps someone could ask the author of the orginal letter to explain, where she thinks the Cdre should have been photographed?
  16. I think you will find the 2 1/2 is a Cnutess
  17. Frequently they don't even wear the uniform.
  18. What is media ops? having been in for a short while, just recived my choc medal to go with the real one, I have never met a "media op" in action.
  19. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    One thing has been proven: In order to be taken seriously, the original author would have been better off raising a serious issue. If you take the wage- try to act the part 8)
  20. I wonder if the "Media Ops Specialist" who penned the original letter is involved in the "Cornwall 15" media fiasco??????? :D

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