Navy News: "Action-packed Adventure on Ark Royal"

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Mar 19, 2010.

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  1. "One flagship. Check. (HMS Ark Royal.)

    Not one but two Harriers launching. Check. (Naval Strike Wing.)

    One Merlin conducting a ‘vertical replenishment’. Check. (814 NAS.)

    One replenishment at sea. Check. (RFA Wave Knight.)

    All at the same time."

    WOW, that has got to be pretty demanding, is the Merlin replenishing off of Ark Royal or Wave Knight?

    This sort of stuff does really show why we need an MOD owned disciplined organisation such as the RFA supporting the fleet; to pull of such demaning (I can't imagine HOW demanding) tasks like this.

  2. During a vertrep, the helicopter will alternate between the two ships, transferring stores from one ship to the other, usually in underslung loads.

    It's not actually the Merlin that is being replenished.
  3. That would be something.

    Thanks for the info on Vertrep.

    Of course it would be silly for the Merlin to refuel in the air when ot has a huge deck to land on!

    Still mighty impressive.
  4. It does happen.

    Apparently in the Falklands a few Seakings managed to refuel from ship's with small flight decks by hovering. I'm pretty sure I have seen it practised recently as well but I can't be sure.

    I tended to stay away from all that wafuery unless I was in the process of shooting it down.
  5. not seen so much Exitement since the Falklands war
  6. A merlin did it on Ocean (i think) on warship.
  7. I remember reading an article in Air International about RN pilots of some description practicing it; simple process of throwing a line down, attaching fuel hose, hauling up and bob's your dad's brother. :thumbup:
  8. Air refuelling can be done, by quiet a few choppers, but is the exception rather than the rule, Running rotars on deck prefered , next to shut down refuel, on deck :roll: ps to your above, nothing simple about air refuelling, lots can go wrong!!!! :roll:
  9. Makes sense really out at sea, safety first and all that. There seem to be many inherent dangers and no pilot really enjoys hovering over a ship (or at all) at such low heights for extended periods; leaves very little marging for error or failures.
  10. this is exactly what i have been saying for the last twenty years. the general service is only around to help the FAA get thier fun time in.

    i defy anyone to admit that they had the chance to join the FAA and said

    "you know what, i'd rather be a stores basher and count boxes"

    insert as applicable

    1. steward - serve all day
    2. writer - type all day
    3. om - whinge all day
    4. stokers - will grudgingly admit that 10% of stokers day is fun. thats the 10% they spend in the bar listening to the WAFU dits

    any nibblers
  11. You forgot The WE branch,we spend more time in our rack than the WAFU's.

    I have to get 8 hours in during the day before i can get my head down durring the night!!!
  12. damn you WE ratings - you saw my black cat and raised me a panther
  13. snake eyes

  14. Wafu Sups? LITS/WRAM? :D

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