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This should now all be sorted. Some will have to log in again and I apologise for that. Also:

If you come onto the site via a Royal Marines link, you are on the 'marines-net' version of Rum Ration.

If you come onto the site via a Royal Navy link, you are on the 'navy-net' version of Rum Ration.

You need to log on to the sites separately - everything is exactly the same; themes, posts, members. If you register on one your login will work on both, but...

If you login on one, you are not automatically logged in on the other.

Why the muckaraound? We pay about £150 per month to Google for Rum Ration ads - the small ones on the right of search results, since Rum Ration has never made the Google front page.

Part of the problem is that the site name and URL had nothing to do with either the RN or RM, and search engines put great weight on these two things. Therefore while RumRation stays RumRation, changing the site name and URL so be specific to the RN and RM makes a lot of sense, should boost the search engine rankings, and hopefully means that we can stop coughing up for Google ads every month.

The / .com / .org etc URLs still work, but the site will automatically change you to .

Thanks for your patience.

While I'm on the subject though, if you have access to a website, please do ask for Rum Ration to be included on the links (using or as appropriate).


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While I've not noticed any problems with actually logging in, I have noticed that on a couple of occasions the website could not be found using my shortcuts, and after googling RR and following the links that way the site was still unavailable. Was that caused by the change in URLs, 'cos my original links are working again, as you suggest above. This also happened today with both RR & ARRSE.

I was wondering because of the previous occasion when the site was hacked and thought that might have happened again.