Navy Mountaineering Club

I'm taking my AIB next week for WAFU, and being a keen mountaineer, I'm sure I'll get a question related to my keeness of the outdoors, and why I want to live on a boat... Can someone give me an insight to how Navy personnel are able to carry out mountaineering training and trips when not on deployments so I can give them a good answer?

I've done a fair bit of Winter climbing, and am hoping to get my Mountain Leader qualification over the Summer.
The club holds regular meets throughout the year, summer and winter, so there is plenty of opportunity to get some climbing in when not deployed. It also provides support in planning overseas and UK expeds by members and can assist financially, something I can vouch for personally having been involved last year in a 3 week exped to New Zealand. The webpage Sol has provided the link to has e-mail contacts for the committee members who I'm sure would be happy to answer any questions.
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