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Navy Merlins take part in anti-submarine exercise


The Merlin is quite a machine...Had it not been for politics here in the states, I think it was the top-choice as a Sea King replacement for the CV-based helicopter...Instead we got stuffed into the SH-60F and HH-60H. Not really a good platform, but more like a compromise in almost every case for sake of commonality, budget, etc...


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The Merlin may be a good helo but the avionic suite is what detects and don't dismiss the yank sonar. I operated the AQS18V when operating the Lynx Mk99 (Korean Variant), and it was a superb piece if kit.


Oh yes, I agree...We had a much improved version of the AQS-13 (AQS-13F) with a different transducer, lots more cable and some different modes of operation. The biggest problem we ran into early on was the level-wind for the reeling machine which brought the dome up at 22fps. Used the same displays as the earlier AQS-13E, but had a completely different dome control and an electronic display on our CDU for the cable centering command bars. However, the MAD gear (ASQ-81) was deleted and we only had a limited sonobuoy processing capabilty, NO data-link for acoustic information and NO electro-optical or ESM capability...Pretty much an inner-zone only platform...Now, they have the SH-60M/S that are meant to be the Naval helicopter for the "21 century". However, the level of ASW (USW) sensor operator training, experience and proficiency was degrading even as I was leaving the Navy. Aircrewman in the helicopter Navy are jack's of all trades...master's of none...


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Same old problem then with the pingers, in the USN and FAA!!!!!! The good old birds nest with the cable on the drum, and bent paddles. The pinkys will fix it lol
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