Navy Merlins take part in anti-submarine exercise

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by MoD_RSS, Mar 15, 2012.

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  2. It always makes me chuckle when submariners refer to surface ships as targets, in the misguided belief that beneath the waves they are untouchable.
  3. If you'd spent any time on a boat playing with dunkers (or frigates for that matter) we pretty much are Finks. Anti-submarine chappies big themselves up even more than we do :)
  4. Ah but can you big yourself up as much as a PWO?
  5. No chance, PWO's learn from pilots I believe.

  6. Aye, those buggers take some beating when it comes to legends in their own minds.
  7. I can remember being on the Ark in '92 when I was on 801. We were being shadowed by a T-boat (can't remember which one) and 820 were tasked to find it. They did find it eventually - when a periscope popped-up in the ships' wake! Useless :)
  8. I've done ASW exercises when we've ended up with all masts raised and they still haven't pinged us.
  9. And with "Shakers" going to give em a chance.
  10. Shakers were noisy enough on the boat, never could understand how our world leading sonar and sonar operators couldn't find us :)
  11. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Black Cat mode:- Old diesel A Boat, towing a small barrage balloon, apparantly they could only track us if we kept a straight course and their bridge fed them bearings on the balloon
  12. Not to an ASW dipper they ain't! They ARE the target!
  13. Apart from the fact we can hear you in the hover so just move away :D
  14. Worst fear of diesel submariners is multiple helicopters equipped with a dipping SONAR. Virtually impossible to break contact.
  15. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Unless you have one of these of course


  16. Not when dropping bouys!

    Never assume we are at the hovering at the height the good manual dictates!!!!

    And of course the best SM locator? Mk 1 eyeball!!!!

  17. It was still in one of the stores in Barrow in the 80`s
  18. Got caught by a Norge Orion using the Mk 1 eyeball coming out of the sun.

    He was told in words of one syllable from shore side that he hadnt and wasnt to look for things out of his area.

    No we didnt never happened wasnt there not no way no how.
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  19. SUBSAM could be a bit of a nasty surprise, but I think that they have to slow and come to shallow depth to use it. The Russians tried it on the "Kilo-class" SS boats also. I don't think it was a practical weapon system for being deployed to fleet units. Of course when it comes to nuke boats, we typically only found them if they wanted us to or were using an augmenter to pretend to be a different class boat.
  20. Spot on :D aand Waspie, sonobouys were always your best chance if you laid them well ahead (assuming you knew we were in that area) but dropped too close and you can hear them hit the water.

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