Navy Mental Health Nurse?

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by MrNurse, Oct 25, 2006.

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  1. Anybody know if the navy have mental health nurses as well as adult?

    If they do, do they offer bursaries for students studying in civvy st with a view to joining at the end?

    I've had a look a the RN website but I can't find the answer (possibly I'm being thick so would appreciate any help)

    Many thanks
  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  3. Cheers for the reply,

    Just started my degree and was really looking at the idea of joining straight out of uni - officers need two years post reg experience to apply. That said, it's on my list of things to achieve with a few years experience.

    In truth I've looked at the Army to do my training in and was part way through the application process, but it all moved too slow and I felt that I needed to get started rather than wait and risk not getting in, whilst missing the boat for this years civvy intake. So hear I am looking around for my future options.

    I'm doing the mental health branch which the army have use for but can't find whether or not the RN does from their website. I've not given up on the army, but decided to have a look for other options now I have the time to shop around.

    Thanks again
  4. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Most Defence Medical Centres are tri-Service anyway, so you'll have plenty of opportunity to work with Navy. Our nutters are better than Army nutters! :D
  5. We had a Psychiatric unit at Haslar,which had patients from all 3 services.Im pretty sure (certainly in my day there)that there wasnt an equivalent RMN.most of the staff that were Nurses,not MA's were MT(N).They were also as barking as some of the patients!I would have thought that if the RN do take and train Mental Health Nurses the number will be very small.I think your best bet is to drop by your local recruitment office and ask them.
  6. I have a sneaking suspicion that:

    a) the requirement isn't very big
    b) RMNs are classed as medical technicians (the only one I've met was a CPOMT), not QARNNS, and
    c) I suspect that the rules re: Nursing Officers don't apply as the only route to a commission is MSO or change branch.

    This needs checking with the AFCO.

  7. Cheers all
    Appreciate the pointers and will check it out properly now.
    Mr Nurse
  8. There was a RN mental health nurse on my staff course so they definitely exist. He had transferred across from the army tho. I believe that its something that the Navy is trying to increase.
    Ask the question at the careers office.
  9. There are mental health nurses in the RN, both Officers and Ratings. To be able to apply for Officer entry you need to be at least 2 years post-degree. From my experience the split is about 50:50, but I don't know what the official figures are.

    They provide an excellent service, currently working out of HASLAR in Gosport under the direction of an RN consultant psychiatrist, although I am not sure what will happen with it closes.

    Directorate of Naval Recruiting has a Nursing Officer on his staff to deal with such queries - he'll sort you out!
  10. There are some bum steers herein! It is not only possible, but is the norm for QARNNS mental health nursing officers to be recruited from the MT(M) branch. There are at least 3 at the moment, in addition to a Cdr in a staff job the ex-Army Lt Cdr mentioned previously. No QARNNS or RN psychiatric nurses has ever been given a bursary to my knowledge, but most of the current personnel trained in the Service - far more financially well-rewarded than a bursary. Requires a definite commitment to serve though.

    On the one hand, you'd be mad to join, on the other you'd be mad not to, but as you are considering a mental health career you're probably mad anyway! The Service needs mental health professionals now as much as ever before, because there are a lot of broken people coming back from ops, so good luck in your endeavours.
  11. I was under the impression that all Military Psych in the UK was being subcontracted to the Priory group (as owned by Tony's crony Dr Chai Patel) - is this incorrect?

  12. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Depends on the therapy required - the patient will be sent to the appropriate venue. There is a Priory Clinic in Marchwood, Southampton, so obviously there are a number of service personnel from the local area receiving treatment there.
  13. [quote="all_purple_now I was under the impression that all Military Psych in the UK was being subcontracted to the Priory group (as owned by Tony's crony Dr Chai Patel) - is this incorrect?


    No. The Priory Group look after those needing in-patient care, but those with problems manageable as outpatients are dealt with by single-Service teams.
  14. Thanks - I stand corrected.


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