Navy Medical - Appeal or not?


I've recently had my medical in which I failed due to a neck injury I had last year, it was only a pulled muscle however it was giving me headaches. Anyway, I have to have been clear from any pain or soreness in my neck for a year until they can move me on in the application process, being 25th October as that's the date I visited the doctors last year. I've been to a physio to write a report to appeal with but there is still something up with my neck, which I've been told is only minor and solved in a few weeks. If i then use this to appeal with will they be likely to accept it, and if its not accepted, will the date of entry be moved to July next year?
Any thoughts or info would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance
No. The chances of you getting a July 2015 date when you're so early in the recruitment process are between zero and bugger all.

It's 16th July. Wait until 25th Oct because an appeal would probably take about the same time anyway and you could shoot yourself in the foot by doing so.


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You cannot appeal against the medical standard for entry.

If the medical standard requires the individual to be 12 months clear of signs, symptoms & treatment for that particular injury, then it's not up for negotiation. You can only appeal against the diagnosis if you can prove it was something other than that diagnosed.

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