Navy Marriage?

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by WannabePilot, Mar 3, 2011.

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  1. I have always wanted to (eventually) do the usual boring thing of getting married and making little WannabePilots to run around and such!

    Basically was wondering how much of the wife/kids would be seen after my professional training is finished. I mean while not on deployment, however I do also wonder how often a Naval Officer is deployed (roughly)!

    If there is any slightly older Officers or ratings out there, would love to hear from you. :)
  2. The general rule of thumb is that for half of your career you can be expected to be appointed near to your loved ones, but for the other half you will posted nearer to your wife and family.:-|
  3. ^ lolz .....
  4. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Obviously Wannabealookout thinks this is a dating agency
  5. Wow, you lot are actually hilarious...
  6. Probably because we are all black?

    Submariners, innit, eh?
  7. We IS all black, surely!
  8. His name is Bob.
  9. Always make sure that the lock on your back door is dodgy, easily opened.
    That way when your ships goes tits up, turns around and comes back to port, there'll be an easy way to escape for whoever has taken your place!
    It saves embarrassment and nasty scenes.
  10. Are you dating yet? Is it serious ?

    If yes then this is obviously something you have to consider as joining the RN will be a life changing event for both of you.

    If not (especially if your answer is no to the first question) then don't worry about it - Mrs Wannabepilot will take this into consideration when she decides to accept or decline the nice sparkly ring that you no doubt will present her with.

    Don't cross bridges before you get to them - the first bridge is to get into the RN first,lol!
  11. Wits your list is incomplete, you still need to wade through:

    What is there to do whilst waiting,

    we are fed up with Newbies whingeing about waiting,

    what iron shall I practice with whilst waiting,

    will my waiting time count towards my pensh,

    my AFCO tells me a different waiting time to what Ja5on has posted at RR - so what is the real waiting time,

    how long was the two-year old waiting before J_Ds Bro. rescued him,

    I am a fully qualified McD Waiter, will my previous experience shorten my waiting time,

    I waited, got binned/med-ed/PVR'ed so how long will I have to wait before I get binned/med-ed/PVR'ed all over again,

    whilst I was waiting I had the sex change so I could join Boats, now they are accepting women into that corps how long will I have to wait for my sex-change reversal operation,

    I have lost my LBD - will this lengthen the time I have to wait for Lympstone entry,

    I have already pissed off: my local AFCO, the RR AFCO's, and most of the subscribers to RR, ROMFT and Prune - how long will I have to wait before I am allowed to p**** of those at ARRSE,

    To name but just a few..........

    Must be lots more - Perhaps deserves a whole new dedicated thread?

    Nearly forgot - Plenty of scope for "Waiter of The Month"
  12. Wits,

    Its the new "F" word at RR - Guess we'll just have to get used to it, eh?
  13. I've been waiting for someone to post on this subject.
  14. I am in a serious relationship, she knew all the details I could tell her before we got together though. Just wanted to know if we got married how often I would see her, she must wonder after all!
  15. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Every time you turn on the lights, if you're unlucky.
  16. I thought we'd fcuked you off at the rush the last time you had a toys from the pram floor interface.
    What in God's name are you dribbling on about now you muppet? You told her all you could... about what? That you'd been down the AFCO, don't try and make it sound like you've been on Ops with the STC.
    She's probably wondering how soon she'll be able to put the box of OMO in the window.
    Go and read your Royal Navy Handbook so that you can stroke yourself as you look at pictures of Merlins you simpering c0ck.
  17. Wow!! harsh!! :-o
  18. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Go easy on him - NZB's just got back from negotiation talks in Benghazi...
  19. I edited out most of the venomous expletive laden poison pen sections as he still hasn't found his teddy after the last spazzing out he had and I didn't want to be blamed for yet another member suicide.
  20. That's what i told the missus, opportunities for 3 day benders at Roxy A GoGos don't come along everyday.
    Feeling guilty that I let the Det down now as I was down as Top Cover Operative.
    I'm told I'll be 'Soldier D' at the Inquiry.:censored:

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