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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Spinach, May 27, 2008.

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  1. Can someone please help me iv been reading through the forums and cant realy find out what some of these words mean like
    and other things a like also what is a sweeper?
  2. Hi

    AWNIS - Allied Worldwide Navigational Information System (NATO)
    MTO - Motor Transport Officer
    GSSR - Not sure
    Sweeper - Is a Minor War Vessel specifically used for sweeping for mines within a mine field at sea

    Hope this helps
  3. Hello Spinach,

    Do you know what a 'Wah' is? You can find the definition in Arrsepedia, just like you can Google an acronym like 'AWNIS' and find the very first entry reads: "AWNIS - Allied Worldwide Navigational Information System (NATO)".

    (Norman Warning Yellow)
  4. Norman so nice to see you back.

    If your not norman then follow the link to Arrsepedia.

    The military is run on TLA's. Half the fun is trying to work them out.
  5. Motor Transport Officer- never heard of that one before. Did search on the Royal Navy career site but nothing (or am i being blind).
  6. As a last resort, I suppose one could always try the RN website (link):

  7. wot abaht a Mess Sweeps then????
  8. Mine sweeping on a run ashore>>>> that's helping yourself to a few free drinks.

    Not that I've ever tried well perhaps once or twice at the end of the night


  9. Please, do not ask what a mess deck dodger is.
  10. Not to mention Marine Underwater Fire Fighter - or M.U.F.F Diver for short!

    GSSR = General Service Seagoing Rating, or something like that. Has now been phased out and changed to AWFP - Above Water Force Protection. Basically standing on the upper scupper all day holding a rifle and looking all steely-eyed!
  11. You mean like this?

    RNR FP Sentry during recent Op Tecate
    in Northern Arabian Gulf
  12. That bloke can't be RNR. He's been issued with all the necessary equipment, and he's not pissed!
    If he IS a reservist, the photo must have been taken a good 30 minutes after he climbed the stairs to the upper deck, to give him a chance to get his breath back! :afro:
  13. maddog will not be amused at you slagging him. be afraid, be very afraid. LOL
  14. how mean does he look? a credit to the RNR i say....ha ha
  15. I'm confused too Spinach. Do ships have wheels and is there really a golden rivet ???
  16. MTO = Maritime Trade Operations (in the same context as AWNIS)

    as in MTO Dubai.
  17. As was pointed out to me in the past - to many TLAs in the RNR.

  18. Usually S&S branch or a Crusher isnt it?

    Or a WAFU !
  19. GSS(R) is General Service Seaman (Reserve) and is now replacing the (AWFP) Above water Force Protection Branch which in turn replaced GSSR. This time we have a proper branch badge though, and the rumour is the regulars will recognise this one!!
  20. Someone up on high must have shares in badge and signmakers.

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