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Navy life


hi folks,

i am at beginning of joining process and would like to know a bit more about the life.

How many hours you work?
What period of time is at sea? Or are you based onshore somewhere?
How often you get home?
Pros and Cons of navy life?

i would appreciate any feedback thank you


Lantern Swinger
You'll get a myriad of answers on this site, most will say the answer to your question is it depends entirely on what you join as.....

Officer or rating, Marines etc, vast array of hugely different jobs and different lifestyles. Fleet Air Arm / Submarine service for example, both navy but working environments almost polar opposites.

Do you know anyone currently serving ? When there's an open day go to one if you can, BRNC Dartmouth has one coming up, check the Royal Navy website for the date.


War Hero
@bigdoc397 The questions you are asking have no simple answer. There are many topics on this forum some of which will have touched on or will have answered fully many of the things you ask about. Use the search function and see where that takes you.
None of us know your likes and dislikes or know what you hope to get out of joining the RN so it is a very personal thing. We can all generalise but as @SaladDodger has already suggested because of all the the different ships and submarines no two peoples experiences have been the same.
Good luck with your quest.
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