Navy kills against taliban

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by jumpertucker, Oct 4, 2006.

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  1. Just a shit email from some poorly informed public school pongo officer about british air power over Afghanistan and its world wide news, the "Royal Navy" in the form of 800 NAS moving to Afghan and flying several very successful missions no-doubt saving the lives of British and coalition forces on the ground...BUGGER ALL!!!, not MOD site, not navy news not sod all....insted what do we get...."ark royal puts to sea"..."wren posing with an egg"....some 2 star has his photo taken, after the lads have cleaned for 3 weeks previously for his 20 sec visit....for christ sake why are we always shy at telling people what we are up too...and before some tit from whale island bleats on about fully aware thanks.
  2. What, and you are surprised? Wake up and smell the coffee shipmate. The Navy is, after all ........ the Navy. Happened in my days and it's bound to happen in days to come. Don't whine about it, just get on and accept it, because if you don't. Boy, are you going to get upset.

    PS Pecry is always in a hole. Leave him to it. :wink:
  3. If they had been black chicks they would have been in the navy news, I thought we all accepted the fact that a good minority action phot is much more acceptable to it's readership than a good punch up.
    When will they realise that most NN readers are serving or ex matelots who would rather hear about what's REALLY going on in the fleet and not "Oh look at us, we employ blacks and women, how thoroughly modern we are".
    Stick to soldier of fortune.
  4. The RN admits that in the past it has been terrible at self publicisation, but has maintained over the last five to ten years that "we are getting better".

    My concern is that if we don't hurry up and produce some tangible results we will find ourselves a small reserve force manning a couple of small patrol boats which sail round the Isle of Wight.


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