Navy in Afghanistan - Not the Marines

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by VarSity, Oct 7, 2009.

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  1. Hi all,

    Had an interesting chat recently with a few Navy bods and we got talking about the Navy's contribution to Afghanistan. Now can I first say I dont intend this to be a thread knocking the Navy in any way, shape or form.

    Can anyone give me examples of what the Navy is up to in Afghanistan?
    I have heard about a lot of Navy medics and such getting involved is this true?

    I would like to avoid talking about the Royal Marines if possible, as whilst they are part of the Navy I think they get a fair amount of credit for the fine work they do, its more the 'white' Navy I am interested in.

    Any links or news stores would be excellent as well.

  2. The Royal Navy doesn't get recognised enough for the work it does in Afgan

    As for medics yes there are lot of RN medics who are/ have been there doing fine work

    One even was awarded the military cross recently

    Other personnel out there included Submariners, WAFU's and Stokers etc

    They are out there you just don't hear much of the work

    I'm sure someone with more knowledge will provide links and more facts
  3. I know of many RNR logisticians who have spent time out there too. I also know of an RNR officer who is due to go out there shortly.
  4. Dont forget MSSG - mil stabilisation support group (CIMIC) many RN in these on the front line in Afstan
  5. Not just medics, but all medical staff are or have been represented; doctors, nurses, lab techs, radiographers - you name it. Also met a bunch of stokers who maintained diesels in Bastion and one who maintained and drove the BFA's in Kandahar!
  6. There have been and still are very many RN loggies in Afghanistan supporting the Logistics Brigades from Capt right through to AB. I know loads who have been or are preparing to go. Plenty of stokers acting as VMs as well amongst all the others that have already been mentioned.
  7. Don't forget the junglie helos and individual augmentees filling a wide variety of posts including HQs and logistic type organisations.
  8. Junglys have been there in force since Oct 07!

    Why are you asking?
  9. There are a fair amount of CTs doing various jobs too.
  10. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    ...also RN Police supplementing their RMP colleagues on Pro Coy and POW Handling duties... :cool:
  11. As you can see Varsity it dont really matter what trade you are in every one at some point will go over there, as we all have a role to play. I have met a couple of submariners out there doing driving jobs for the convoys. (Lots of fun convoy driving)

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