NAVY Health Physicist - Devonport - £300+ per day

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    To assist in the provision of policy and advice to all Naval Base authorities and other departments on the requirements for radiological protection within their areas of responsibility.

    • To undertake radiological protection assurance audits/visits
    • To assist in the provision of radiological risk assessments and advice on new facilities at Devonport.
    • To provide input into the preparation and maintenance of the Naval Base Radiation Protection Policy, Rules, and Guidance, NAEA documentation and advice for other departments RPSOs.
    • To act as a member of committees as necessary to fulfil the requirements of the post.
    • To act as a Radioactive Waste Adviser (RWA) (under Environmental Permitting Regulations 2010) for the Naval Base and provide advice on compliance with the requirements of the Environmental Permit to allow the disposal of Radioactive Waste from the Naval Base.
    • To give advice on and if necessary, act as consignor for the transport of radioactive materials.
    Must be a Chartered Radiation Protectional professional (CRadP) with experience of application of radiological protection within the UK Naval Nuclear Propulsion Programme and ideally hold RPA certification.

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