Navy girl gets her kit off.


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Still doesn't explain why a 32 year old senior rate took her story to the Daily Mail, particularly when she knows the service policy with regard travelling in uniform.

Guaranteed she's angling for a free holiday to assuage her angst after all this trauma, poor lass.

FFS, Daily Mail? Tell her to 'do one' Sir Richard.


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Yep..seems kinda strange she'd want to travel in her work kit...what's she going to change into when she gets to base...Primark leggings and a hoody?

Attention seeking tosser !!


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They went to the Mail because they know that no one, apart from me, on RR reads it, so they wouldn't get outed.

It does puzzle me how so many articles from a publication that no one reads, appear on the site.


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Bloody hell Nina, you are up earlier, just had the Pidgeon Fanciers News come the the letterbox with the Daily Sport?


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I dont think its just about respect, when i flew to america a few years back there were some guys in uniform, my second thought was ahhh theyve asked the military to board the flight so they must forsee a problem!


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Why isn't she allowed to wear her uniform (why would she want to?) but gets told to wear VC uniform, surely more offensive to people traveling to the USA? :)

G4S making rules up to suit himself, wouldn't be an ex crusher per chance?

All thats missing from the hate mail article is that the G4S guy was Muslim, even if he wasn't they could have at least planted a seed of doubt amongst their readers.


Mr GS has flown to and from the States with Virgin in uniform frequently and had no problems (other than being mistaken for a pilot). Non story.


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CS95 is hardly uniform for a trooping flight to a benign destination let alone dress for a civil flight. I wouldn't travel in Pusser's overalls, steaming cap and steaming bats so wtf is a 'you can't see me suit' all about. Airline cabins are tree free zones and one would hope, combat free zones.

Arguably, she was not travelling in the uniform of the Service. If she'd travelled in Nos 1s and been 'dissed' I may consider driving the bus for Mail readers and those that way inclined. As it is, it is well overdue for an MOT.

Agree with those who say, 'big timing'.


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Mod edit; careful about what kind of shit you sling at the lass. 'It was in Diamond Lil's' is not a defence.
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From the pic she looks like she's into big timing, wearing oakley wrap arounds and posing with a rifle.


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Bottom line is there is no justification to wear any uniform, let alone a combat uniform traveling from London to Los Angeles from granddad's funeral as neither is an operational combat zone.

There are enough genuine injustices dished out to service personnel without some idiot bleating to the press about trivia such as this.



Bottom line is there is no justification to wear any uniform, let alone a combat uniform traveling from London to Los Angeles from granddad's funeral as neither is an operational combat zone.

There are enough genuine injustices dished out to service personnel without some idiot bleating to the press about trivia such as this.

Bang on.

She was probably angling for an upgrade using the flawed 'but I'm in the Forces' logic and judging by the article, still is.
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