Navy gear going, going, gone on auction website

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by sgtpepperband, May 7, 2008.

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  1. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    A former naval base worker has been told he faces jail after selling thousands of pounds worth of stolen equipment on an internet auction site.

    Simon Vanlint, 43, worked for more than two years in the stores at the Royal Navy training base HMS Collingwood in Fareham.

    But as well as drawing his salary he also had a sideline in stolen goods.

    Vanlint was stealing items, such as uniforms and badges, and then selling them on ebay.

    But his crime was eventually discovered and the Ministry of Defence, working with the police, traced 748 lots from Vanlint's ebay account directly back to the base's stores.

    He had raked in more than £5,000 from the sale of the stolen items.

    Prosecutors told Portsmouth Crown Court that as well as parts of uniforms, the sold-on items also included outward-bound equipment such as sleeping bags and compasses.

    His crime spree started shortly after he started working at HMS Collingwood in August 2005 and continued through to the end of October 2007.

    He was caught when one of his customers on ebay noticed the seller was local and became suspicious. He investigated further and reported Vanlint to the authorities.

    But the MoD does not know the total value, or exactly how much, Vanlint, of Tortworth Close, Fareham, has stolen as some of the items were decommissioned and due to be destroyed or disposed of.

    As a civilian Vanlint could not be court martialled.

    He is no longer employed by the navy.

    Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock, who sits on the defence select committee, said: 'When people want to take stuff they can be pretty ingenious, but I am amazed that he could get so much money.'

    He added: 'If someone can do that, then the question is what else could go missing?'

    Recorder Jonathan Acton Davis QC told Vanlint: 'You must understand that any court looking at this matter will have in mind an immediate custodial sentence.

    'All sentencing options remain open when you return to court.'

    Vanlint has no previous convictions and has been released on bail until he is sentenced on June 6.

    He has pleaded guilty to theft, obtaining money by deception and fraud.

    A spokeswoman for HMS Collingwood refused to say whether security had been changed in light of the thefts, but said that it was continually being reviewed at the base.
  2. Lol...and that's just the "one" they caught.... :dwarf:

    (CO exits base with new boat trailer, courtesy of FMG...riiight)
    (Meatheads exit Vehicle maintenance with all the dents and scrapes fixed on their trusty chariots...screw the paperwork...)
    (Dockyard matey walking out with a new wheelbarrow every day for 2 weeks before getting caught)

    So many stories, so little time....Lol :hockey:
  3. No claim
  4. Probably just 'Greenies' worn-out pygamas or the old test probes they pick their noses with :threaten: :biggrin:
  5. did he work for Flagship? or was he a civil servant?
  6. Dockyard maties have been thieving ever since King Alfred invented the mob. A few examples from Guzz:
    A delightful character called "Rasher Bacon, who married Flo Crabbe (HONEST), always used to wear an Army surplus greatcoat, no matter the weather. When the Dockyard copper tapped his coat to enter the search room, he nearly broke his hand - Rsher was moving sheet brass in the coat lining.
    The silver solder scam in Guzz Dockyard abiut 1975-76: police in Brum found about 3 hundredweight of silver solder in 8 ounce reels in his shed. He hadn't got rid of it because he didn't want to screw up the market price ! This was traced back the HM Dockyard, and several layers of mid-level managenent went inside. One of the chief candidates beat the system, went on the ARK in drydock, and stepped off the flight deck. Anyone remember it ?
  7. Of course we all know why rabbits are rabbits.
  8. Pompy dockyard matey caught with bike frame filled with mercury early 70s. :batman:
  9. The irony of it all is the fact that most of those sort of civvies in 'slops' will not exchange anything half the time and act as if it was their 'own' money. Perhaps we now know why? :)
  10. Circa 1980, the civilian driver of a PSTO(N) fuel bowser at Deveonport had the habit of stopping outside his house and decanting the odd tonne of Deiso or DERV for onward sale. Surprisingly, it was several weeks before one of his neighbours became suspicious enough to tip off the police.
  11. The big difference between then and now and why more were caught is basically down to what the gate staff can and cannot do.

    In the past any car or person whether civilian or naval could be stopped at C-Wood or any base gates and have their car boot/bags searched.

    This stopped a while ago, Human Rights/PC do - gooders/left wing liberals I would not be surprised.

    I expect sgt pepperband would know more.

    Bottom line is, if they know they will not be searched then it will not deter anyone.
  12. DAEDALUS 1971 the union rep in the MT section made off with a Landrover. All sorts of waves were made but nobody caught until 6 months later when the vehicle was found working in a scrap yard.

    The was also a driver who hired about 16 lockup garages and filled them with goods he was supposed to return depot, he did this on a "one for me, one for them basis".
  13. I had my car searched whilst I was on a course at Blandford Signals School last year. I am a civvie and they told me they were conducting the normal checks. Did not bother me, I had nothing to hide and cannot understand why anyone would complain about such activities by gate staff to be honest.
  14. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    "In the past any car or person whether civilian or naval could be stopped at C-Wood or any base gates and have their car boot/bags searched."

    Total rubbish - agreement to being searched is a precondition of entry to MOD establishments. There are signs up all over the place to that effect.
  15. Yep.

    However we are talking about when you leave the place.

    You steal inside the camp and leave.

    You do not steal inside the camp and then bring it back in, unless you are stupid
  16. Best one I heard about taking DF's ashore was a guy off a ship went up to a dockyard copper on night as he went ashore and told him if he slipped him some DF's the following night could he let him take out a shed load as well.
    The copper agreed,the following night they were waiting for him and pounced and dragged him the gatehouse for a search.

    Of course he had nothing on him,he had taken it out the night before!

    Thats clever thinking.
  17. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    MGS and MPGS have powers of search whilst exercising the right of entry and exit from HM Establishments over Service and non-Service personnel. If they detain someone suspected of committing an offence they should notify the MDP or Service Police, who have powers of search and seizure of personnel and vehicles at any place, providing that they have reasonable grounds to suspect that the person is in possession of stolen property, carrying equipment relating to the commission of an offence ("going equipped"), prohibited articles, drugs and unauthorised HM Stores. This power extends to Service personnel, non-Service personnel, Service and non-Service vehicles. Certain provisions notwithstanding..

    Heard a good dit about an old copper who used to work on Unicorn Gate in WW2, who saw the same Docky come out of the gate with a wheelbarrow full of horse manure (used to pull rail trucks in the Dockyard at the time). The cop would stop this guy every day and search the wheelbarrow, expecting to find something hidden under the manure. Every day he tried, but to no avail...

    Post-1945 and both men went their separate ways. VE celebrations in Pompey and these two fellas happened to be in the RBL, having a pint. A shared glance and they realised who the other guy was. The ex-cop approached the ex-Docky and said to him: "Look we're both retired now, so this is totally off the record. But I stopped you every day for years and KNEW you were smuggling something... what was it?"

    The Dockie smiled knowingly, and replied: "Wheelbarrows!" :wink:
  18. Back in 81ish a CPOAcmn got busted for trying to smuggle DFs back to Yeovilton inside a chacon from Bardufoss, he got busted to Lacmn. Spookily enough he had applied for 2OE as a Chief, got turned down, reapplied as a Lacmn and got accepted as there was a shortage of killicks at the time...
  19. I remember not long ago seeing a KL43 on Ebay, before Bowman was fully in. There was (probably is still) loads of clansman kit on there - handy if u loose something, but not so handy on the OPSEC front.
  20. a NSKO on one of my last sweeper's had his land rover fully kitted out with parts ordered through the ship's account and stolen by him*

    *heard at the galley range

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