Navy Gay Chatline type ads

I don't see any of them, mine keeps trying to recruit me to some sort of us navy college. But then again I get the same add on ARRSE and even on my local newspapers site.

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I tend to get training courses and job adverts?
Odd I have been un-trainable for years, and who in their right mind would employ me?:coffee2:


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I just use an adblock extension for chrome. no more embarrassing moments when people look over my shoulder to see what I am doing online.
Brilliant! I've been after something like that for yonks & never realised there was such a 'gadget'.

Many thanks


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Cracking first post desres...not. Best make your second count.

Back to the original beef (fnnar) about the iphone advert (which isn't actually touting itself as for gayers.) The headline question that goes with the reclining moody cropped hair bloke, featuring an arm wider than his head, wearing an olive green t shirt asks;


To which the only response can be:

"No ******* wonder".

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