Navy food of the 70's

Discussion in 'History' started by northern_watchkeeper, Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. Are there any 70's ex navy chefs out there who know how they used to make the liver and bacon (often on the menu) I have tried alsorts of ways to replicate it but no joy, it must have been a navy recipe because it always tasted the same no matter which ship/shore base I had it on
  2. Not a Chef at all mate, but would hazard a guess that the Chefs didn't "make" the liver and bacon, just cooked it!. :lol: Guess also that it would taste the same no matter which ship/shore base you were on????!!!!
    Liver is liver and bacon is bacon!!! :lol: :lol:
  3. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    I haven't seen the papers today. Is this really Current Affairs?

  4. It was always a mystery to me as well
    Throw it all in a pot cover it in some stuff leave it for a few hours
    Then go empty the fridge after another top day feeding the vultures
  5. Never mind Liver n Bacon - was on board one of the larger canoes cpl months ago looking at one of the systems and they kindly got me a cheese n ham sandwich, that looked/tasted like it came from the 70's

    Best way to cook liver and bacon - grill the bacon and insert between 2 pieces of bread, smother in sauce of choice. For the liver, remove dustbin lid and insert. Sorted.
  6. Soak liver in milk, this removes the bitterness, drain milk off then coat in flour (seasoned), Then fry in a liitle oil and calrified butter, Placed in casserole dish, fry sliced onions/bacon in the same pan, add a little distillied vinegar, reduce add your bisto mix to pan, then pour over liver, bacon and onions, cook in the oven .
  7. Fecking hell Rugger....didn't know liver could sound so tasty, will have a go at that, but will have to see about getting an oven first i guess!!!! :lol:
  8. This Is the best Liver & Bacon you will taste
    Use only Lambs liver
    1 packet Lambs Liver
    1 packet smoked back bacon
    1 Large onion chopped
    2 x beef oxo cubes
    Plain flour
    salt & ground pepper
    olive oil

    mix salt & pepper with flour and put on a plate
    coat the liver in flour and fry in the oil both sides for 4-5 mins each piece, remove and place in casserole dish.
    When finished frying the liver, fry the chopped onions for 10 mins and add the remaining flour to the frying pan.
    mix the oxo with boiling water 1 pint and add to the frying pan then remove and add all to the casserole dish with the liver so it is covered by the liquid place the bacon on the top to seal the liver and cook for about 60 mins at 180c then serve and enjoy
  9. Bet you never learned that at Pembroke :wink:
  10. No, worked in some of the finest eating places in Europe!!
  11. Spain, that is were to go for the best liver and onions, not bacon mind, but delicious sweet onions.
    They often serve it with a glass of sweet wine that rounds it all off!
    Heaven on a plate.
    The stuffed pigs ears are another proposition but pretty damned good when you get used to them.
    Rabbit and snails grows on you and accounts for the hardy nature of a lot of Catalans.
    I can just see it..Tescos with bags of live snails, chickens with all the bits still on them (that actually taste of chicken) and a delicious stew made from the wobbly bits of bulls...all of it yummy! Eggs you can buy by the each with obvious evidence of which chicken orifice they came from.
    At least you know what you are eating and it ain't pretending to be anything else.
    I remember the lovely smell of garlic and soy sauce that used to come from the laundry, and that they could throw any old line with a hook on the end into the harbour and score every time.
    As for 'intervention' butter and those dodgy pink sausages and just about the worst coffee you could ever have, Mothers Shame bread and nothing to wash the muck down with..well we were young and it didn't seem to matter so much.
    All the best to all.
  12. Doesn't answer the question but might be interesting. About 3 years ago I was browsing an antique shop in Fort Worth, Texas where I came accross a blue copy of BR?? (54 seems to ring a bell). Anyway it was the RN book of recipes and contain all sorts of food of the liver, bacon and onion ilk but how to cook on a large scale so quantities for 50 ish.

    It was dated about 1938 and had someones name, ships name and a date of late 40s written in it. I bought it and eventually donated it to the Fleet Air Arm museum where it resides in the archives. You are now asking why the FAA Museum. As an ex WAFU it just struck me that this is the sort food they would have served on carriers in the second world war.

    Another question might be. What the heck would it be doing in a shop in texas. Maybe it funded a good run ashore on a port call to Galveston?

    The originator of this thread could write to the museum and ask for a copy of the recipe.

  13. Victory, Drake.... :wink:
  14. Burger king, got made up to teamleader, with 5 stars on my name badge, parents very proud of me :D
  15. Everyone learned that at Pembroke, The correct way to grill liver that is .Did Wardroom Flunky learn to empty Officers pisspots at Pembroke or had he already developed his skills in the private sector?
  16. HMS Blake -72 with father Famine - 101 ways to do mince and 40 ways to do ox tails.
  17. 10lb of mince for 100 rations tight catering twats, and fecking train smash again on the menu!!! and how is a cook supposed to disguise sheeps hearts :pukel:
  18. Thats the way to do it! Yum Yum. I always put a spot of Port in mine just to add a bit of a bite.
  19. Oxtails Food of the Gods & sheeps hearts Spot on Scran,Cost a small fortune these days

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