Navy event to mark 30 years since Falklands

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by tomm90, Mar 28, 2012.

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  1. [h=1]Wish I was down in Pompey the weekend May 5th & 6th commemorating the 30 anniversary of the Falklands War. Best of luck to all who can attend. [/h][h=1]Navy event to mark 30 years since Falklands[/h]
  2. I've just checked with SWMBO and by a happy coincience, that is the weekend we'll be back in that area! Maybe I'll take my Veteran's badge - oh wait, it's only in the States Vets get freebies.
  3. I've written to Mrs Kirchner asking if she can clear the main street of Buenos Aires for a victory parade in the forenoon. Haven't had a reply yet, she is probably a bit busy slapping plaster of paris on her face, but there is still time.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I'm a bit puzzled why 5th or 6th May has been chosen given that it is the 30th anniversary of the day after HMS Sheffield was struck, before the landings & indeed before the war was concluded.

    Perhaps it's intended to de-conflict with the "Jubilympics" ?
  5. Now if they really wanted to rub salt in the wounds they should have held it on 25th May!
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  6. NS at least they are doing something. This pink and fluffy modern age had the potential to ban the event as we might upset someone!
  7. Have it on June 14th when we can have a jubilee street party and burn Argentinian flags in the evening to keep warm
  8. Now that has potential. We could hit said burning flags with our shower bats ala Middle East.
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  9. As entertainment the Govt could produce giant pictures of aforementioned ms Kirchner.
    a self adhesive Groucho type moustache and you have the equivalent of the tail on the donkey type game. See who can get the moustache within 500nm of her nose. It would go well with a couple f tins of Tiger beer.
  10. For those who cant get the link to work, here are the details of this FREE event.
    Note the Parade on the Sunday morning, as many Falkland Vets that can make it, please turn up with your medals (and blazers, Ties and berets if you have them) at 1030 by the South Door of the Cathedral:-



    Mary Rose Museum/HMS Victory/HMS Warrior 1860/National Museum of the Royal Navy/Action Stations/Harbour Tours

    Remember the Falklands

    Saturday 5th - Sunday 6th May 2012​

    Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and the Royal Navy, with the support of BAE Systems, will be hosting a weekend of free events[1] to commemorate the Naval and local contribution to the Falkland Island conflict 30 years ago, with displays and the opportunity to visit HMS Dragon and HMS York.

    Living history static displays will provide visitors with a balanced view of events 30 years ago and enable them to experience first-hand accounts of Portsmouth’s contribution to the conflict. The Band of HM Royal Marines, Collingwood will also be performing in Victory Arena.

    Across the weekend, Nicci Pugh - Senior Nursing Officer for the Queen's Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service (Naval Nursing Sister), who served on The Hospital Ship Uganda, will give two talks. "A British Hospital Ship at War" and "White Ships With Red Crosses". She will also have copies of her 3rd revised special edition book to commemorate the anniversary "White Ship Red Crosses" available to look through. The 1st edition was launched onboard HMS Warrior 1860 in 2010.

    The history group Forces 80 will be in uniform (Naval and Argentinean), displaying infantry kit and numerous (deactivated) weapons and will set up a command post with documents, radios and Falkland’s maps. They take a hands-on history approach under supervision and are keen to chat to visitors and explain their units such as Sir Galahad (Welsh Guards) and HMS Sheffield (Royal Navy).

    Royal Navy Ships - Open to Visitors 10am – 3.30pm

    There will also be the opportunity to compare old with new by exploring a Type 42 and Type 45[2] destroyer and meeting the ship’s staff. HMS Dragon is the fourth of the Navy’s six £1bn Type 45 destroyers. After arriving in her home base of Portsmouth she was easily recognised by the red dragons on her bow - put there in celebration of her name by the ship builder.

    She was launched 17 November 2008 by her Lady Sponsor – Mrs Susie Boissier. The ship returned successful from her first period of contractor sea trials in early December 2010 during which time her propulsion systems were put through their paces and combat systems tested. She is expected to join the Fleet in spring 2012.

    HMS York is Britain’s youngest Type 42 destroyer – and also the fastest (over 34 knots to be precise – just short of 40mph). Launched in 1982 and accepted into service in March 1985, the ship celebrated 25 years in service in 2010. The spring of her birthday year was spent in the Falklands – a busy deployment that saw her travel more than 25,000 nautical miles.

    2011 was a busy year for York. After preparing for a deployment to the South Atlantic starting in February, the Ship was diverted into the Mediterranean to provide the initial UK presence off Libya before the NATO operation was instigated.
    After a brief period on task, she continued her tasking in the South Atlantic providing reassurance and protection to the Falkland Islands. The ship returned to the UK in July.

    York was alerted as the Fleet Ready Escort – the on-call frigate or destroyer which responds to events at short notice – in December and greeted the Kuznetsov task group, northeast of the Orkneys, on December 12. After spending a week shadowing the Russian task group, the Type 42 returned home to Portsmouth.

    ‘Remember The Falklands’ will commemorate the Navy’s involvement, which saw some 18,000 individuals, from all the naval services, sail in the Falklands Task Force of over 100 ships. Men and women from the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Royal Fleet Auxiliary, Queen Alexandra Royal Navy Nursing Service and the Merchant Navy all played a vital role.

    The campaign might have been over in just 11 weeks, but it was an immensely complicated operation. It was also intensely fought; 130 naval personnel were killed, 257 were wounded, and six ships were lost.

    On Sunday 6th May, the Lord Mayor of Portsmouth, Cllr Cheryl Buggy, the Dean of St Thomas of Canterbury Anglican Cathedral, Very Reverend David Brindley and Portsmouth City Council will be holding a service at the Anglican Cathedral from 11am. The service will be attended by the Lord Lieutenant of Hampshire, Dame Mary Fagan, representatives from the Royal Navy and Falklands’ veterans, and will include a performance by the Royal Marines Band.

    Following the service there will be a civic procession, to the Falklands’ Memorial in Broad Street for a ceremony where the Lord Lieutenant, Lord Mayor, Leader of Portsmouth City Council, representatives from the Royal Navy and veterans’ organisations will each lay a wreath.

    After the ceremony the Royal Marines Band will lead Falklands’ veterans in a march past along Broad Street in front of the Falklands’ Memorial where the Lord Lieutenant and Lord Mayor will take the salute.

    For further visiting information please visit Portsmouth Historic Dockyard or call 023 9283 9766

    For further press information please contact:-
    Melissa Gerbaldi, Press Officer Tel: 023 9289 4558 or Email: [email protected]

    Programme still TBC but current timings are:

    Band of HM Royal Marines, Collingwood
    Starboard Arena 11:00 & 15:00 on both days.

    Nicci Pugh
    Talk in the Princess Royal Gallery
    11:30 and 15:30 on Saturday 5th
    15:30 on Sunday 6th

    [1] Standard ticketing to attractions apply
    [2] Ships are subject to operational commitments and may be withdrawn at any time
  11. It was a date that was suitable for the Ships, RM Band and to fit in, and not clash with, the many other Falklands 30 events in April, May and June. The HMS Sheffield Association is having their reunion in the evening of Saturday 5th May in the Royal Maritime Club and they will be leading the Veterans on Parade on the Sunday morning after the Cathedral Service and wreath laying at the Falklands War Memorial at the Square Tower, Old Portsmouth.

    There is also a Cocktail Party on 4th May 2012 for all currently serving Falklands Veterans in HMS Nelson Wardroom's Gardens, jointly hosted by the Wardroom and WO, SRs and SNCOs Mess.
  12. ................................I have 2nd May marked in my diary - Belgrano Day! (break out the "X marks the spot", Daily Mirror not impressed Zippos)
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Nice one Joe.

    Besides your post, first I've heard. Is there a Dii "intranet thingy" announcing it or is it a case of individuals being individually invited or perhaps applying via Nelson combined messes?
  14. It's covered by an RNTM, if I was at work I could give you the number (trouble is RR does not seem to work on DII(F) these days!)
  15. FALKLANDS 30
    Portsmouth Cathedral, "Remember the Falklands" Service

    Old Portsmouth - Sunday 6th May 2012

    As part of a weekend of events to commemorate the Naval and Local contribution to the Falkland Island conflict 30 years ago a Service and wreath laying ceremony will take place on Sunday 6th May, commencing at 11:15 am at St Thomas of Canterbury Anglican Cathedral. On behalf of the Lord Mayor and Dean of Portsmouth, I would also like to invite you, as a veteran, to take part in the event. A brief outline of timings is:

    10:45 am Standards bearers to form up in Pembroke Road outside of the RN&RAYC

    10:50 am The Civic Procession, including visiting Mayors and wreath layers, will be asked to form up in Pembroke Road, behind the standards and RM Band.

    By 11 am All guests to be seated in Cathedral. There will be reserved seating for veterans in the nave.

    11:00 am Civic Procession walk to West Door of Cathedral, via High Street and Oyster Street.

    11:15 am Service at St Thomas of Canterbury Anglican Cathedral. During the Service a collection will be taken for Royal Navy and Royal Marines charity and St Thomas’ Cathedral.

    12:00 noon Following the Service, RM Band, standards, Civic Procession and veterans depart the Cathedral to process to the Falklands Memorial in Broad Street for a Wreath Laying Ceremony.

    O/c Veterans to make way to Grand Parade to fall in behind the RM Band and standards for a march past along Broad Street, past the Falklands Memorial where VIPs will take the salute.

    O/c Reception in the Cathedral Nave (until approx 1:30 pm)

    Where applicable, uniform (medals, no swords) may be worn.

    I would be grateful if you would let me know, as soon as possible, if you are able to join us on this occasion.

    Yours sincerely

    Heather Todd
    Assistant Events Manager
    Portsmouth City Council Tel:- 023 9284 1400 Email:- [email protected]
  16. RNTM 034/12 refers.

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