Navy Entry Criteria (Medical)

Hello All this is my first post hope some one can help.

I am hoping to join as a clearance dive. The issue i have is that my left foot overpronates meaning i have to ware insoles while training. I don't have any problems while training its about 4 hours after i get a stiff knee for about 3-5 day after with no real pain. I have been informed by my doctor that about 60 to 70% of the population have similar conditions. Can any one advice me whether or not this will affect my aplication.

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Hello Ryan, welcome to the site.

Whether the condition affects your application depends upon the degree to which it affects your physical ability & understandably most medics would be reluctant to diagnose & give categoric guidance on a forum. Both Royal Marine & Mine Clearance Diver have the stiffest physical fitness requirements, so if it's going to be an issue, it will be for those two specialisations.

The Medical Examiner is the only person that can give you a definitive answer, and 'angrydoc', a serving Medical officer, may well be able to give you a good indication, but obviously there are limits to definitive advice.

There's loads of Mine Clearance Diver & Medical advice on this FAQ section in Newbies.

Good luck.

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