Navy email addresses

Can someone confirm the general format of Navy email addresses?

I was doing some casual reading on HMS Defender which is currently being fitted out in Glasgow and noticed the name of one of the ships company already working on the ship.

I'm sure it is one of my old oppo's from years ago when I was an AB Jack Dusty and he was my Killick. I live just down the road from Glasgow so I fancy dropping him an email, seeing if it is my old mate and having a meet up for a beer.

So I'm wondering the set up of his email (email wasn't even heard of when I was in).
Would it simply be his name ie [email protected] ? Or would his rank be in there in some form?

Appreciate any help, it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to catch up with him

You may be able to see him on Facebook, maybe, or perhaps Forces Reunited, then knowing his e-mail address won't matter.

If those options aren't viable, you could just write a short note to him at HMS Defender, giving your own phone number and e-mail address and then he can get back to you in the way he prefers.

HMS Defender has a BFPO address, BFPO 267.

If you address the envelope to:

HMS Defender
BFPO 267

that should work.
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It often occurred to me that a navy wide email address protocol would be a good idea. It not only varies from ship to ship, but even from department to department.
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