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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by ciderjack, Jul 19, 2007.

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  1. Have been instructed to get make 'KAYE?' for a night passage.

    As in WW2 convoy drink. Unsure as to receipe, can anyone out there please help.

  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    First, catch a rabbit, squeeze two lemons between your cheeks....
  3. Ninja is at the wind up don't listen to him.

    I mean where are you going to get a rabbit? Use the ships cat, if there are no lemons, check the wardroom, you should find a couple, but if not ask the duty steward to go round the stewards mess, there'll probably be a bitter fruit in there.
  4. Aye cheers! Seriously tho, anyone got a receipe? Know that it ends up as a block that you shave bits off, or so I think.

    Any ideas?
  5. Cheers Slim,
    Shall mostly be making some asap.
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    We were still shaving it off the block in the '60's but somewhere along the line powered stuff came into use. Its not Kye if a spoon won't stand upright and unaided in the fanny
  7. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Can't miss this - Kye Boat Song:

    March 1956, HMS Maidstone is lumbering about off Gib as FOFHome's flagship. FOF has four DSOs and is such a man that a junior officer with any sense will stay well clear. The tiny little open bridge is a bit crowded as the Captain wants all his seaman officers to get in as much watchkeeping as they can. It's the middle watch. Captain, who would like to be a rear-admiral, suggests to the Navigating Officer that it might be time for a spot of kye all round.

    NO mentions this to the 1st OOW, a Lt Cdr, who orders the 2nd OOW, a Lt, to get some kye moving. 2nd OOW turns to the 3rd - Sub, Gunner, Boatswain, whoever - who passes this order swiftly to the 1st Mid of the watch, a senior RN Mid who has a 2nd RN Mid to give orders to. 2nd Mid turns to the 3rd Mid, who it happens is not one of the RNRs who are all-about, but a National Service RNVR.

    RNVR Mid disappears to find his pusser's dirk so he can scrape the kye off the block in a little caboosh below the bridge which contains all the makings. He is actually quite a clever fellow who a couple of years later will be pulling an oar in the Cambridge Boat, and won't be in the news again until we read he was in that Chinook which banged in in Scotland. I have time to yarn about this as he is still scraping the kye ..

    No kye yet - that 1st Mid may be the one who stuffed the officers' motor boat under the pier while watching the beautiful flight of a seagull - the 2nd Mid may be the one who put a 45' Kitchen rudder launch on top of a submarine instead of alongside (both a severe nuisance to the chippies, who were quite busy enough already making a dining suite (out of pusser's timber in pusser's time with pusser's tools) for one of their number who was getting wed) - or maybe the one who chucked his duffel coat onto a chair in the charthouse without noticing that there were 4 DSOs having a quick power nap there ..

    Hah! I hear a marline spike going home so the Wavy Navy has discovered how to open a tin of Connie. We'll need the whole tin for this lot ..

    Up comes our hero, serving his country to the utmost. As an Etonian he has natural good manners, and offers the first mug to the admiral.


    Mid has filled the kettle from the firemain.
  8. As Janner said in these modern times it is nigh impossible to make Kye so here is the 1960's method.

    1. Take block of solid cooking chocolate and shave it into a fanny (no not the type) then add a 1 kilo bag of sugar and two tins of evaporated milk. top up with water and take to the boiler room. Place a steam pipe (a bit like they use to heat milk on Italian coffee machines but bigger) Apply loads of steam until you have a thick boiling hot chocolate drink. Wander about dishing it out to the bridge, ops room and watch on deck. Do not forget the life buoy ghost or you will get a smacking.

    As you will have no access to any of the above ingredients or equipment

    get large jar of powdered drinking chocolate and put it put into your largest receptacle, add half a bag of sugar, a tin or two of condensed milk and heat until it boils stirring all the time. Put in a generous helping of what ever spirit you have handy and serve. If you are not the most popular person inboard I will eat my hat. The spirit goes in after you have made it not during OK.

    AMOUNTS DEPEND OF COURSE ON HOW MANY YOU NEED TO FEED and you gave no clue as to what type of vessel you will be on.

  9. Ciderjack

    If the any crew members are female and you get you end away on the strength of my instructions you owe me big time.

  10. Class, TA pure class. Just about kecked myself laughing :thumright:
  11. You kecked yourself laughing at that? Have had a word with my nephew doctor who suggests you should see someone pronto. Kecking at your age needs urgent treatment he recommends.
  12. Just read this, much immature giggling and schoolboy humour!!

    Now want to call the wife Kye......
  13. Christ! Don't do that 'cause that name is right up there on Mr and Mrs G.B. Chav must have name list. Kye for the boy and Kylie for the girl, sort of matching Kye's with or without the spoon.
  14. As you appear to be a potential officer you should know the recipe for pink gin:
    Two shakes of Angastura bitters, swill around the glass and tip out the bitters; add a large measure of Plymouth gin, swill around the glass and serve. Do not add ice as it is considered fay.
  15. And the recipe for "Leg-Openers" and " Between the Sheets" Never was sure what they contained but, I was assured, they would have the invited nurses and trainee female teachers on their knees ( well preferably your knees) but you get the drift.
  16. Well, really, between ones knees -Yours
  17. Just google "pussers painkiller".......I advise 3 min to be consumed at sundowners.
    ("What did you have for dinner?", "How the f** should I know after half a bottle of pussers")
  18. Pardon?
    Have you taken your medication. I thought pussers came in a tub?

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