Navy Divers hand over cheque to 'Help for Heroes'

Discussion in 'Charity' started by Naval_Gazer, Apr 3, 2010.

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  1. Today's Pompey News contains this article: Navy divers hand £250 cheque to charity. Unfortunately, as in the hard copy version of the paper, the heading of the website article shows a figure less than half the true amount mentioned in the text.
  2. BZ the divers. Just a pity that members of the Royal Navy or Royal Marines are very unlikely to benefit significantly from the work done by Help for Heroes.

    Have a nice day

  3. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Sorry can't let that go. I work closely with H4H and can tell you they would love to help RN/RM - in fact they do. Headly Court is Joint services and doesn't just cover those hurt on Ops. There are RN personnel who have injuries either sustained on worldwide ops or off duty (a motorbike accident I am thinking of). They benefit from the facilities that H4H has helped to pay for. Also H4H have made a number of grants to RN/RM charities. The RM receive help for the new recovery unit at HMS DRAKE.

    H4H are acutely aware that the Army seems to get most of the money but throughout they give the big money for Joint facilities to help everyone.

    I know of several RM's injured who have received help from H4H and they are very grateful for it.

    Besides when does giving to charity mean you expect something back. The Divers will just want to help fellow serviceman and women on the road to recovery. They know it could be them using the swimming pool at Headly Court after a diving accident.

    Sorry to go on but I am constantly fighting H4H's cause with the RN. If someone in the RN has an idea get in touch with H4H - they would love to help (well they would rather not have to as they wish no one needed their help if you see what I mean).
  4. Guns in your haste to defend H4H I think you might have taken my post slightly out of context.

    Personally I have been an avid supporter of H4H, in my own small way choosing to make fairly regular financial contributions to the charity. I choose to donate where I feel the need is greatest irrespective of arm of service. I want nor expect anything in return. Others also donate as they see fit and BZ to them all.

    Whilst some members of our service have undoubtedly benefitted from the work carried out by H4H, I stand by my statement in that generally speaking, members of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines are unlikely to significantly benefit from the charity, It is the very nature of the beast.

    Whilst H4H has been very sucessful at fund raising and supporting capital projects, the unfortunate downside, I have very reliably been informed by someone involved in fundraising, is that charities such as our own Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity are finding it difficult to compete with H4H. Maybe it is time that we all started considering supporting our own?

    Have a nice day

  5. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    There was a very good article in one of the past Globe and Busters about this, it supports idoitdeepers argument whole heartedly.

    I dont doubt for a minute that the "capital" projects are tri service but pound for pound the RN/RM gets about 1p in every £1 donated.

    The "capital" projects should be paid for by HMG, that however is a whole new argument.
  6. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    IDOITDEEPER - Sorry for the flash to bang. As you can see I jump to the defence as one tends too when on "the inside" so to speak. Personally I wish that no RN/RM needed their help but that's not happening. With more and more RN personnel now in Afghanistan there will come a time when one of our number is going to come home and need the help.

    Interestingly most Naval charities are holding large capitol, in some cases over 15 million pounds. What H4H has done has shown the Military Charities that you can raise large amounts in a short time with active organisation. This is why we see more active engagement with them as they fight for money in a very competitive field.

    I know a lot of units are now doing the percentage game, between ship's charities, naval and then H4H.

    For the Navy maybe at the higher levels they need to engage with Bryn and his team. The H4H bike ride is an area where we can help, give positive spin for the RN as well as pushing our own charities. A lot of H4H success has been its more guerilla tactics in getting money - lesson for our own charities to maybe do the same and rely less on legacies and interest/investments on their considerable capital.

    Also for serving RR's remember you can take the hassle out of giving by setting up, via your UPO, a direct payment from your pay to the Naval/Marine charities. Easy to do and I would whole heartedly recommend it. Div SR and Officers, at your next divisional meeting push it to the team. It is a small amount a month, less than a good night out, but in the long run well worth it.
  7. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    @W-B agree with capital projects, the disgrace that forced Bryn and his team to raise money so people could have a swimming pool at the rehab centre is own that shame our politicians.

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