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Some time ago there was a movie made about an African/American CD named Carl Brashear, and his struggle to be accepted by the US Navy. The movie was called "Men of Honour". Starring: Robert DeNiro & Cuba Gooding, JR.

After losing a leg in an accident on board the ship he was serving on, he went on to become a Master Chief Diver, my admiration for Able Seaman Clearance Diver Paul de Gelder to continue with his career after losing his leg and his right hand will be in the same league as Carl Brashear...mate you are one tough bloke.
Carl Brashear died in July 2006 (link). If the film was even half accurate about his battles against racial discrimination and overcoming the loss of one of his legs in order to continue diving, he certainly was one hell of a guy.

He was a hard hat diver though Jimmy, not a CD. In some ways, this would have been even harder with the weight of those lead-encased boots to lug round.


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sgtpepperband said:
The_Jimmy said:
Yeah NG, but he was a tough bloke both mental and physical.

Shipmate of yours, was he..?! :roll:

LOL SPB I was talking about Brashear the story I think was inspirational what with all the BS he and his fellow blacks (To hell with the PC brigade)had to put up with in the USN.....shipmate of mine?...nah not him but am sure you and a few others have served with someone who has. 8)
See what's happened since the first post of this thread. According to this article on the Australian 9 News website, RAN clearance diver Paul de Gelder, who lost a hand and a leg in a Sydney Harbour shark attack on 11 February, is back diving and walking and says he wants to return to work at the scene of the attack. Be sure to watch the video of this amazing guy here.



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I managed to get round watching that program about their divers, they are trying to get the title of SF as there training is longer than Americian SEALs training and also just like are fleet teams they have their own, they can often get attached to their commando units. But overoll a very good insight in the divers world. Cant wait to start mine now.