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robbo9 said:
can anyone help you have to have expericnce to become a naval diver? also how often would they b in the water? and how hard is the course?

In these forums, you've been asking questions about joining up as an officer, an OM, a warfare specialist, an officer and said you were offered a place at University to train to be a PE teacher, other posts in these forums have advised you look at the RN website or pop into a careers office, they would only be too glad to answer any questions you have .....and.......sort your spelling out !!


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Are you the same robbo9 that is a bit of a STAB ''walt'' on arrse ? if so i recall you have been posting pretty bone questions on arrse . If not i apologise .


hehe, they are right.. it would be a lot more beneficial to pop into your nearest AFCO mate, plus don't ask your own questions on my post.. LOL :twisted:

By the way, thanks for your posts guys.. if any1 else has got an information they'd like to share don't hesitate...

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Hi D3 joining as a Diver--make sure you are physically fit-- the training is hard work and the classroom work is very interesting.

The rebreath sets are a left over from the days of putting mines and things on enemy boats--they don't leave a trail of bubbles on the surface.

They do mixture diving surface supplied air for deep diving. Technology has marched on and yes ROV 's do a lot of underwater work.

Clearance divers are responsible for explosives ordnance disposal ie Bombs/mines/torpedo's etc caught in Fishing nets or washed up on beaches if the Royal Engineers aren't available.

Don't know if they are still used on minesweepers but they used to be for countermining sea bed mines.Although this may have been taken over by
ROV operations.

Interesting trade ,don't know what the promotion prospects are -they used to be quite slow but -yes go for it .


No more information on this, ok...
Thanks guys, hehe ;)

P.S are there any navy divers currently serving, or was serving active on this board, if so please reply, or PM me.. Greatfully appreciated.

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