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Hey people,

First of all i would like to say 'hello'.. I've just joined the forum, and this is my 1st post. I'm 19,currently living in London. I sent my application off to the navy about 3 months ago, and it has been accepted i've just to go sit the RT, which shouldn't be a problem, i've applied for 'Navy Diver' and i now know some guys who are in the diving branch, going diving with them at the end of the month at stoney.

What i want to know is the army divers offer better prospects and the navy divers, personally i can't see it.. But some one told me they do, as they use Surface supplied, were as the navy use rebreathers! Obviously with surface supplied training, you would have better options in the commercial diving industry...

I would appreciate any help and advice you could give me on this,
thanks, Dean.

P.S Happy to be apart of this forum, lot of good posts :p
To be honest mate, just join the service you want. Don't think too much about the civvy diving quals cos
a it's a long way off
b you can do those quals when leaving the services
c the civvy diving industry is pretty much dead anyway, the glory days of the North sea diver are well and truly over, the majority of divers have been replaced by ROV's and of those bubbleheads that remain, a lot are working for less and less money just to get a decent amount of work.

Anyway, join the Navy, not just a job, it's an adventure.....


can anyone help you have to have expericnce to become a naval diver? also how often would they b in the water? and how hard is the course?


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Hello mate i was a ships diver when i was in the RN and now i am a pongo . Ships divers only did a 6 week course so no way near the standard of a RN Clearence diver . I believe the army divers are all Royal engineers who do the ''Shallow'' water diving course . In short if you want the best career in Diving it has to be the RN . I am sure more up to date blokes will be able to shed more light on this subject , but go RN . Good luck .


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A ships diver is just a sailor whos goes on a course for 5-6 weeks , he still has his usual job onboard the ship. A clearence diver is a full time diver . That is his trade , its at least a 6 month course to pass .
Aships diver doesn't really do that much diving, so many people on a ship can do the course and do the odd shitty job diving on the ships hull. Bit of an add on job really but you get a bit extra pay.
If you want to be a "proper" diver, then you will need to be a clearance diver which is actualy a job in itself. You'd need a CD to tell you exactly, but (unless it has recently changed) you cannot join up as a diver, you have to join as something else and then transfer. As I said though, this may have changed in the last couple of years??
Some divers I know say it is a good job when shore based and doing plenty of diving, but when they get sent on ships they get treated pretty much like a shitty job squad, just doing the normal cleaning and painting crap like a normal dabber.
Any divers like to interject here??


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Was reading the other day (in Navy News I think) that they are doing away with Ship's Divers and leving it all to CDs.

Suppose there will be more travel opportunities for Cds then


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Wot I meant was - If ship abroad and needs bottom search or a defect sorted, then instead of having your ship's divers do it, they'll fly out a diving team.

Ship's Diving pay will stop soon too!!


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Theres an EOD component to the CDs tasking as well. Direct entry for divers started about 3 yrs ago. Concur with comments ref ships divers being canned.


I would be going for a Clearance Diver, not ships Diver..
And you need to sit the RT, then go on a 2 day course at the defence diving school in portsmouth and under go the PEDA (pre entry diving accquaint)... Which is to see if you have the 'minerals' to do the job..

Then to Raleigh, for basic.. once basic is done you stay for another 4 weeks, then off to portsmouth for professional training..


robbo9 said:
can anyone help you have to have expericnce to become a naval diver? also how often would they b in the water? and how hard is the course?

In these forums, you've been asking questions about joining up as an officer, an OM, a warfare specialist, an officer and said you were offered a place at University to train to be a PE teacher, other posts in these forums have advised you look at the RN website or pop into a careers office, they would only be too glad to answer any questions you have .....and.......sort your spelling out !!


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Are you the same robbo9 that is a bit of a STAB ''walt'' on arrse ? if so i recall you have been posting pretty bone questions on arrse . If not i apologise .


hehe, they are right.. it would be a lot more beneficial to pop into your nearest AFCO mate, plus don't ask your own questions on my post.. LOL :twisted:

By the way, thanks for your posts guys.. if any1 else has got an information they'd like to share don't hesitate...

Dean # 8)
Hi D3 joining as a Diver--make sure you are physically fit-- the training is hard work and the classroom work is very interesting.

The rebreath sets are a left over from the days of putting mines and things on enemy boats--they don't leave a trail of bubbles on the surface.

They do mixture diving surface supplied air for deep diving. Technology has marched on and yes ROV 's do a lot of underwater work.

Clearance divers are responsible for explosives ordnance disposal ie Bombs/mines/torpedo's etc caught in Fishing nets or washed up on beaches if the Royal Engineers aren't available.

Don't know if they are still used on minesweepers but they used to be for countermining sea bed mines.Although this may have been taken over by
ROV operations.

Interesting trade ,don't know what the promotion prospects are -they used to be quite slow but -yes go for it .


No more information on this, ok...
Thanks guys, hehe ;)

P.S are there any navy divers currently serving, or was serving active on this board, if so please reply, or PM me.. Greatfully appreciated.
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