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Discussion in 'The Afterlife - Resettlement and Jobs' started by Syn1962, Feb 5, 2016.

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  1. Hi All,
    I'm ex RN from a long time ago, I am now working as a propulsion service engineer. We are setting up a quality system in our company to improve the way we work and communicate, the departments are field service, project/technical, in-house repairs/workshop and of course our Boss/manager.
    What I like to do is make this more fun which I hope will create enthusiasm for my colleagues to participate, my idea is to call each team/department by a RN department nick name i.e. engineers are stokers etc.
    The groups/department I have is as follows:
    Field Service Engineers (propulsion)
    Field Service Engineers (Stern tube seals)
    Project Engineers
    In-house repairs/workshop
    Could anyone please help and give some nicknames for the above but not so derogatory as we are a commercial company, thank you for your time.
  2. Management team : Ron and Ron
  3. Stokers = Purple Empire.
  4. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    A variation on your theme if I may;

    Stern tubes: proctology.

    Shafting: urology
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  5. In house repairs, obstetrics.
  6. Field Service Engineers....... Mobile Pro-creation department

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