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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by -buggy-, May 16, 2008.

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  1. does anyone know why they dont do navy days in guzz anymore ?
  2. Buggy I think they still do but I think Guzz alternates with Pompey.
  3. Oh ok thanks soleil, i just thought they alternated each year but guzz hasnt had it last year or this year hmmmm....
  4. Good question,do we still have a navy to show off though after all the cuts?
  5. By the look of some of the promotional pictures at the link below, I think they've taken some of their older ships out of mothballs.

    Wooden walls.... so ecologically friendly! :)

    So Rod, will we get to hear Rod Gearing and the Indicator Boys? ;)

    PS: Will there be a Rum Ration Beer Tent/Fridge in Pompey? :razz:
  6. Navy days is now 2 yearly with Pompey this year with Meet Your Navy and Guzz will be in 2010, there last one was in 2006. The FAA seem to still be having them every year, but not the ships/subs.


    Neil - Supermario

    :nemo: :pukel:
  7. ok cheers for the info supermario :thumright:

  8. You wouldnt want to hear me sing thats for sure!

    I can still play the bugle. :wav:

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