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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Topaz, Jan 28, 2008.

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  1. Okay so maby this is in the wrong topic area.
    And i know something has been posted about this before but i cant find the thread...

    Is Navy days still on?
    Becuase it was wasnt on last year and I thought they wasnt having it anymore , until i have just been told today that its still on....
    Can someone please clarify.
  2. Does anyone know the date?
    Ive asked my bf but hes being a pain in the arse and wont text me back :O
  3. It's always held on August bank holiday.
  4. Last weekend in July in Pompey (26-27). It may run into the Monday as well (28). It's now known as "Meet the Navy". I don't know much about it yet (but there's a chance I will be writing the guidebook in due course...) but there will be "a carrier" there (no, not Vince). As Ocean's in refit, I guess that means Ark or Lusty. There's also going to be a smattering of foreign warships as well.
  5. They'll have to empty 3 basin first. Half the RFA is tied up there.
  6. Please dont empty 3 basin... front half of the Southampton is still there!! :thumright:
  7. Ahh okay thanks guys
    Im definatly going down.
    Been trying to get there for 3years lol!
  8. Isn't the International Festival of the Sea down in Portsmouth again this year?
  9. I think it is the International Festival of the which is normally every 3 year but i cant remmber if it was held in 2005 due to trafalgar 2000 being held not that im interested in it after 20 years in the Mob i have no disire to walkl around a Ship however for the unitiated it is usually a very good day out.

  10. The Gambian navy is still undecided if it should send 4 destroyers. Chile will send 6 submarines and Poland and Serbo Croat 3 frigates each. Fiji is hoping to send its aircraft carrier and Gibraltar its Flotilla.
    1SL is talking to 2SL and CinC Fleet to see if the Royal Marine Band (Fleet) could be made available . They are further discussing who should take the salute should it be so available. A further meeting is to be held to iron this wrinkle out. This has now been fixed for the week-end April 1 2008 until April 3 2008 at the Grosvenor House Hotel Park Lane . Wives and partners of 1SL 2SL CinC Fleet their advisors and ADC's expenses will be met from the public purse. Additional Drinks and Canapes will be charged individually.
    This plenary session will proceed to determine whether 1SL 2SL or CinC Fleet will take the salute. A further session is /or/maybe/appropriate should indecision prevail. However please note -wives ,partners and friends will not be able to claim hotel and ancilliary expenses for the second tranche
  11. It was Traf 200 and IFOS in 2005 because it was a massive week of Naval-ness. Utterly wonderful week that was.

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