navy days 2011


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There is a ship open to visitors event in Portsmouth over the last weekend in June. The only thing I do know is that HMS Daring has been stitched again for this event. Don't know if there are other ships involved yet but will post again if I find out


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I am fairly sure that I recall being told reasonably reliably that there will be no Devonport Navy Days but, as alluded to above for Portsmouth, some kind of event tied into Armed Forces Day at the end of June. Please don't take this as gospel though, and I don't have any more details.


okay thanks i was hoping it would be in devonport this year but as u said not 100% . i hope they change it to down here in guzz its closer to me nd nxt year i will be in the mob anyways so theres not much point of going and i will probally be busy :p haha


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The latest news is that there will not be a Navy Days event in 2011, due to the constraints of the current financial climate and the heightened operational tempo.

Opportunities are being explored for smaller scale visitor days in Plymouth and other ports around the UK for this summer, however.

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