Navy Days 2009

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by NavyDays2009, Jun 18, 2009.

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  1. Navy Days 2009 takes place 5th-6th September at HMNB Devonport, Plymouth. Line-up so far...

    Ships & Subs

    HMS Daring
    HMS Ocean
    HMS Bulwark
    HMS Northumberland
    HMS Somerset
    HMS Mersey
    HMS Roebuck
    HMS Tracker
    HMS Chatham
    RFA Mounts Bay
    Trafalgar Class Submarine
    Valiant Class Submarine

    In the Air

    Royal Navy Black Sea Hawks
    Sea King Mk 4 (‘Jungly’ Variant)
    Sea King Mk 5 (Search and Rescue)
    RN Historic Flight
    Sea King Mk 7
    Black Cats (Lynx Display Team)

    Royal Marine Village

    A major exhibition showcasing the work of the Royal Marines in Afghanistan, and bringing together the men, vehicles and weaponry used in Op Herrick. Highlights to include LCAC Hovercraft, Viking, Jackal, GMG and Javelin.

    On the River

    Action-packed Maritime Counter-Terrorism display, simulating a dramatic hostage rescue at sea by personnel of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines.


    RN Raiders Parachute Display Team
    ‘The Flying Gunners’ Motorcycle display team
    HM Band of the Royal Marines
    MOD Police Dog Display
    Sea Cadet Corps Field Gun Display
    City of Plymouth Pipes and Drums

    Other Attractions

    Future Navy Marquee (including CVF, Astute Class Submarine and JCA)
    Fly Navy 100
    Royal Navy Diving
    Helicopters Simulators
    Royal Marine Chef Display Team

    Tickets available now. Service Personnel & MOD Civil Servants get 50% discount (staff/service number required).
    For tickets, call 08445 787878 or go to
  2. The dates are nothing but pants. What is wrong with the usual August bank holiday?
    There are a lot more tourists here then and I can't see many making a few hundred mile trip just to see it.

    A lot of the crowds were holiday makers from all over Devon and Cornwall, most of them will not be having a holiday in September, it on the downslope to winter.
  3. Can you wonder on to the subs?
  4. I'd be more interested in taking a wander :lol:



  5. I'd like to wander down and hide in a sleeping bag until it went deeps, remain there (slimming all the time) to emerge after 30 days to claim my free tot! :p
  6. Sweet, I so want to go! :D
  7. OP states a valiant class SSN, this will be HMS Courageous which has been refurbished and fitted out as a "living musuem", ie mannequins manning positions etc etc. It's in dry dock and worth a look round if you've never been aboard an SSN, in fact Raleigh use it to show Phase 1 recruits what a boat looks like inside.
  8. No international visitors? No international gizzit swapping?

  9. Waiting on confirmation of foreign visitors... Oh, and the submarine HMS Trenchant will be open for visitors as well as Courageous.
  10. Now confirmed, three submarines open to visitors. The permanent exhibit Courageous, a Trafalgar class, and just announced, the Dutch submarine HNLMS Walrus.

    Tickets for tours of submarines will be free, but numbers are extremely limited. We recognise that these tours will be of significant interest, so please read this section carefully to maximise your chances of securing tickets.

    Tickets for the submarine tours will be available on the day, allocated on a strictly first come, first served basis. The ticket outlet point will be located in Benbow car park. Tickets will available in two batches as follows:-

    1) Tickets for tours from 09.30 am to 11.00 pm will be available at 09.00 am
    2) Tickets for tours from 11.30 am to 13.00 pm will be available at 11.00 am
    3) Tickets for tours from 13.30 pm to 15.00 pm will be available at 13.00 pm
    4) Tickets for tours from 15.30 pm to 15.00 pm will be available at 15.00 pm

    Submarine tours are subject to physical restrictions. There is a minimum height of 4ft, and those with claustrophobia, vertigo, or mobility problems should not take the tour. Please note that everyone in your group who wishes to board the submarine must be present when queuing for tickets as they will need to be assessed for suitability.

    For more details, see
  11. No bouncy castle ??? Shoddy!!
  12. I served on HM s/m Courageous from 1980 - 1984, L/S(TS)(SM)I want to go see her in Devonport Navy Days 2009. Problem is I'm confined to a wheelchair, is there any way I can get to the Dock she is in? I also want some photos of how she has been re-fitted. Any chance?
  13. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  14. ???

    Once upon a time there was SSN 01 DREADNOUGHT

    Then VALIANT Class = Valiant & Warspite.

    Then the CHURCHILL Class = Churchill, Conqueror & Courageous

    Then the SWIFTSURE Class Etc Etc

    I do hope that arrangements can be made to enable Buck to visit his old boat -

    But will someone please explain how/when COURAGEOUS became a VALIANT Class boat?
  15. Was talking to a Chief Petty Officer at the HMS Raleigh open day and he said that this is exactly why they've changed the dates.
  16. The dates were chosen to ensure that as many assets as possible were available for the public to see. Operational commitments and ecercises were taken into account, and the 5th & 6th September emerged as the best possible date. If the bank holiday had been chosen, HMS Daring would not have been on display.

    Ticket sales to date have proven that moving the date outside of the school holidays has had no impact. We are still expecting 20-25,000 people.
  17. Churchill, Conqueror & Courageous were also known as the "Repeat Valiant" Class - this is, I suspect, how the confusion arises. I had the pleasure (or is it misfortune) to have served on all three. Fortunately I was able to avoid Valiant :D
  18. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

  19. Oh bloody dear!! Fer gawds sake you are in the bloody RN. I seem to remember that we used to get the ship tiddlied up whilst we were coming home as for manning the ship fer gawds sake you don't need a full ships company. We used to do it on the duty watch!!
    And whats BULW/OCEA is that meant to be Bulwark and Ocean?
  20. There's also a Dutch SSK on display, but can't remember the name. They were marvellous hosts when they visited Faslane in the 70s.

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