Navy Days 2006

Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by Jenny_Dabber, Feb 9, 2006.

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  1. And once more the new year has started, so it welcomes another annual event in the RN schedule!

    Full article can be found here
  2. Do the RN have enough ships to lose that many for a few days of being observed by the public?
  3. Thought they had done away with Navy Days and now had Festival of the Sea instead
  4. Relief it's at Gus, couldnt stand policing the masses at the Harbour this year!
  5. MOD edit: Please read the ROE's again, you have been warned once.
  6. I take it that those 17 ships include HMS Victory, HMS Warrior (both towed down specially) some of the models in the National Maritime Museum and a Midget sub?

    I hadn't realised that modern sailors needed doors rather than the old hatches. Does this mean that modern sea boots are made from composite materials by Nike and are comfy to wear? Whatever next: a self-ironing uniform: now that really would be a great development! :D
  7. Let's not forget Yeovilton Air Day:

  8. The Festival of the Sea was a great few days in Pompey.... we manned medical displays on one of the RFAs... had a jolly good time - at least it's an excellent way to meet new and more exciting people (rather than the NFGs... Normal for Gosport) that you see out and about in the G&D and Emmas....certainly a good networking opportunity. Bring Navy Days to Portsmouth I say!!! Oh yes, and the pilots can visit any time?!!!!
  9. Anyone know if they will ever be hosted in Chatham Dockyard again?

    Had some great times there.
  10. Me too.
  11. Can they afford it?????????????????
  12. Ah!
    Chatham Navy Days.

    There were some pretty knowing women there. It was a fight to be a guide at the bottom of a set of ladders, for reasons I'm sure you're aware of.

    The "Laydees" were also aware. The Chatham ones always made sure they put a show on, wearing their best G strings and ironmongery.

    Much better than Pompey and that other place.

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