Navy days 08

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Chicogiz, Nov 29, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know when this will be held? And whos going?
  2. I asked someone about this a few weeks back.

    Apparantly there are no plan's for a Navy Day's 08 :(

  3. As far as I'm aware they used to alternate between Plymouth and Pompey. One year it would be Navy Days in Plymouth and the following year it would be the International Festival at Sea in Pompey.

    This may not be the case anymore though
  4. Should be Pompey this year then ?
  5. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Time was, Navy Days were an annual event at All the Dockyard ports and naval bases - 'See the Ships, Meet the Men' - something which is sorely needed as our tiny Navy becomes more and more invisible to the public.

    IFOS being what it says on the tin, I would suppose the chances of it being regularly held in Portsmouth are fairly slim.
  6. Navy days are every 2 years i think.

  7. . Alternating????

  9. The one they have in Pompey is the Festival of the Sea .. I think the last one was 05 for Trafalgar celebrations as per their web site - nothing on Google about another one as yet.
  10. PNB Longcast has Navy days pencilled in for end Jul 08.
  11. Is there anywhere i can find this information because ive serched the internet and it dont say anything about it.

    Many thanks :thumright:
  12. Our Sea Cadet Unit used to get crates of the Glossy Navy Days programmes and when the stalls would knock 'em off for £10 we would get rid of about 300 for a fiver. Made a killing last year :)
  13. Any truth to the buzz that the Royal Navy is lining up sponsors for the 2008 Navy Days??

    Rumour has it that they have signed up the British Pie Council and Ivor Dewdney who are being represented by L/Semen Fay Tunney and that the rugged and handsome Arfur Batchelor will be demonstrating the new Iranian iPods for Apple Inc. :thumright: [An offer of sponsorship from Navy Rum was declined because it didn't fit the image that the Royal Navy of the 21st Century was trying to project] :bball:

  14. I fear Navy Days 2008 is an unknown quantity as yet.
    One frigate had been allocated, but Chilean interests to purchase might make this vessel unavailable
    However three Polish a Lithuanian and four destroyers from the Gambian Navy will be available .
    Sadly, the Gambian High Command has intimated that it seems likely a charge will need to be made for entry to its ships.
    One destroyer 85 pence
    But all four for a one off payment of £3.95 special offer. Forgot to mention a Rear admiral Bicycle Mutumba will be sailing with his flag in GNS Mandela.
    He'll be the only sea-going Admiral or Commodore seen in Pompey or Guzz since the tot was abolished.
  15. They might as well open this lot up

  16. But the smell of napthalene would be somewhat overbearing.

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