Navy days 07

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Chicogiz, Jan 8, 2007.

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  1. Is there going to be navy day 07 this year if yes were?

    thanks to people who send a reply?
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Chicogiz - Is English your first language???
  4. i was contatcted by 1SL the other day and asked if i could move my dinghy out of pompeii dockyard as it might be confusing to the general public as to why we had noreal ships still available.

    tongue in cheek of course

    weve got loads of ships there all in EXTENDED READINESS. bullsh*t speak for mothballed until we can sell them to an unsuspecting third world power.
  5. yes im english soz i was writing fast and im only 15
  6. Chicogiz are you sure you`re not Sam in another guise?
  7. hig who is sam wasnt i talking to you when polairoid was on higs
  8. I am not quite sure why this discussion is in the submariners thread ,but is there going to be a Navyday this year?
  9. Its because i am hopeing seeing some subs.
  10. It's going to be at the NEC in Brum....full of model ...sorry, ships! :)
  11. Hi, when do you take your GCSE in english? :idea:
  12. Why don't they just get the reserve fleet out of Fareham Creek and put some prices on them?Band's used ship lot-wish I was good at photo shopping as it would have been fun to produce some amusing sales brochures.
  13. Does anyone know were the navy day 07 is going to be?\
  14. Subs... Oooo noooo... Submarines or Boats please... Subs are an inferior form of life found swimming in pink gins in wardrooms and Captain's Cocktail Parties and who like to be addressed by ratings as 'sir'.

    You might also spot some targets... sorry, I mean skimmers...

    Incidentally you do realise that Hig joined the RN when he was just 10 and met a French woman... but we're not here to discuss the Battle of the Nile... :wink: :lol:
  15. A navy day with ships and subs is there gonna be one , if yes were?
  16. Chicogiz
    Were you trying to find out WHERE Navy days are going to be held this year?

    At 15 you should have by now have a sufficient knowledge of the English language to know the difference between where & were.
  17. Well, there's probably going to be a Navy Day, but it's anyone's guess if there will be any ships and subs. Might not have any to spare/left!

    I'm guessing a pedalo and shag-shacker's dingy will feature highly as well as a Naked Roll-Mat Fighting Tournament put on by the Royal.
  18. Fraud not as it was Navy days last year and they are only held every two years at Devonport nower days
  19. Now that I would pay good money to see!
  20. Come on DT, don't let the side down! We've just scolded Chico and told him that matelots NEVER make errors and there you go and use the word FRAUD instead of FREUD... or should it be AFRAID? :lol:

    Chico, DT was 15 once and his English then was absolutely.............

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