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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ben1985, Mar 20, 2007.

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  1. hi there, got my test in 1 week but the main question is about the credit check they do( im assuming the same time as security clearance) somebody said they wont take you on if you have loans or debts, ive currently about 150 on credit card but i make payments every week, will this stop me going in:-( i hope not! need your thoughts people cheers ben wood
  2. Wouldnt call £150 a debt. As long as your making regular payments then would think your ok. Best thing to do though would be to cut up the card so your paying it off and not using it.

    Can always request a new one once you clear the debt
  3. yeh i get you someone said to me they will refuse you point blank if you owe anything! do they check all your accounts then? surley to not be accepted for credit reasons i would have though you would have to be £1000's in debt. are they really fussed about a few hundred?
  4. If the amount was £150 000 then there would be a problem, but £150?

    If anything, they will be more interested in your honesty - tell them you have £150 on a credit card and you are intending to pay the whole amount off over the next couple months or so.

    The worst thing you can do is to have any £££ outstanding on a credit card at the end of the month, so for your own good, I'd pay it off asap.
  5. hi
    I have debt's, the interviewer did'nt mind that, as long is I can pay them off whilst being on basic training pay. which i think is about £720 a month (don't quote me please, I'm not to sure on monthy pay rate)and still be able to socialise with the rest of the team!
    when I join my pay per month will drop by about £200 a month they just want to make sure that you will survie and manage with out getting into more debt! during training.
    PS the credit check is part of the security check
  6. May I be the first to congratulate you on only having debts of £150. This being the case appear to be extremely good at handling your finances. Credit cards are extremely useful and best paid off fully at the end of each month, this is because their interest rates are so extreme (in most cases).
    Enjoy your time in basic training and don't worry about the drop in pay, you will be far too busy to spend it anyway. :smile:
  7. £150 shouldn't bother them. If you had big debts you could be a security risk and open to blackmail.

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