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Navy chap in the London marathon


War Hero
Anyone see the person interviewed by the BBC during the London marathon at tower bridge? He said he was in the Navy but did a lot of work with the marines. He was runnng the whole thing with 36lbs on his back! He's running for help the heroes and apparently people have been giving him a lot of support on the way. Monty was his name.

Good for him.


Another Forces runner today, an incredibly tough Royal Marine:

From the BBC:
The 22-year-old said he hopes to raise £10,000 for the charity 'Help for Heroes' by taking part in the marathon.

Marine McBean told the BBC: "They basically help guys like me out, and because they have I'm just trying to give a little bit back.

"I'm injured but I'm alright. I can do the same things I used to be able to, just a bit slower.

"There are guys who have just been injured and I want to show them that they can actually progress and move on."

Marine McBean decided to run the 26 mile (42km) marathon after watching it on TV last year.

He said: "I was laying on my hospital bed watching TV, and I was thinking 'yeah, I'll give that a go!', bearing in mind I couldn't even sit up.

"I just thought 'I'll do it,' and a year later here I am, ready to rock and roll."

"It's going to be hard work and I know that, but physically I'm fit and mentally I'm fit, and I'm able to do it," he said.

"It's just a case of what my leg decides to do on the day. If that just gets too painful that might pull me out, but I'll keep on going.

"Even if I wind up walking the last 10 miles just to finish then I'll finish it."

From the MoD Oracle:
Gritty Ben revealed running makes the stump above his prosthetic leg swell up and bleed.

The 6ft 2ins trooper said: “It’s going to hurt. I don’t want to scare people by having blood trickling down my leg.â€

But he is determined to complete the 26 miles and raise £10,000 as one of 300 squaddies and volunteers running for the Sun-backed Help for Heroes campaign.

He said: “I think the best system is to do it in mini-stages — running for half a mile, then resting for 40 seconds.â€

Ben will be giving blood, sweat and tears for this but is still around £2,500 short of his target, so if anyone is feeling generous, please throw a few pounds his way. CLICK HERE TO GO TO BEN'S 'JUST GIVING' PAGE


I have the utmost admiration for all marathon runners from the professional athletes to the ordinary man or woman running for their chosen charity, it shows the human spirit at its very best and well done to everyone who took part.

Thank you for the link to Bens' Giving Page. :thumbleft:


Fabulous news! As of this evening, Ben has exceeded his target:

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