"Navy Carriers: We Want Two Or No Votes For You, Tories"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Oct 6, 2010.

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  1. The Register.........what a tragedy of a publication :p
  2. Dear God can we not offer the Mafia any amount of money to just off this man. His drivel is amazing. Does he not consider the humanitarian aid uses for frigates and destroyers, what would the Caribbean dependancies do without a frigate on station to offer assistance after a hurricane, yes this task could also be handled by an RFA, but without any warships to service would the next chopping block inevitbly be the RFA fleet?
  3. Forgot it was Lewis Page. What a tosser of the first degree.

    Always comes accross as having the worlds largest chip on his shoulder. Yet if a situation arose that the Navy failed to assist in or prevent, due to severe cuts etc etc etc....... Guarantee this prize tit would be the first on his soapbox to condemn such cuts etc etc etc
  4. So his theory is that having carriers will give us two options.

    1) Scare them
    2) Bomb the sh*t out of them

    With nothing in between, whats wrong with having a few cheaper hulls to fly the flag?
  5. Dublin - the use of the term "theory" implies that this monumental moron has actually given some thought to the mindless ramblings that he thrusts on an unsuspecting public.

    It is patently obvious that no such process has taken place - he just sits and scribbles and prints and moves on - the man is a prat of the first order and should be given a stiff ignoring at every opportunity.
  6. And to think that he gets paid to write this ...
  7. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Is it just me but is it a defence review not a defence cut?
  8. It's BOTH - it's just the balance that is unquantifiable at the moment ... until we see the finished article.
  9. Someone on here must know Lewis Page. Can they ask him nicely to get a hobby other than commenting on Naval matters with he may once have known about but no longer. Just another civvy, only one with a massive chip on his shoulder.
  10. He's the most balanced person I know, he has a chip on both shoulders.
  11. Some of the things in the link I saw on tv, some of them were off-the-cuff remarks made during interviews and he has re-written them in such a way as to claim they are his own knowledge.
    He is a plagiarist of the highest order.

    If you don't know what that means, it means he is a nobber.

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