Navy cake

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by brendan498, May 21, 2008.

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  1. :afro: dont want to sound like a newbie but what exactly is Navy cake - my wife wants the recipe
  2. The recipe for Navy Cake is extremely secret and held by members of the stewards branch. It has been rumored that MAs also have a recipe.
  3. Is it similar to a NAAFI sandwich?

  4. Not quite correct. SBAs had the recipe, but it was lost when real men joined the Medical Branch as MAs. There is a rumour that Stokers also had some knowledge of that particular brand of sweet, but it is now lost in folklore.
  5. There is also a rumour (nothing more) that female members of the RN have a dish called "hairy pie".
  6. Is that with or without sauce?
  7. Hairy pie sometimes comes with a portion of cheese. MMMMM nice!!
  8. Dont forget the croutons!
  9. Bearded clams are also considered to be a bit of a delicacy! :thumright:
  10. pmsl :thumright: :lol:
  11. Now when I was a lad.

    Navy cake was only served on special occasions. And stored in the boot locker next to the Golden Rivet!
  12. They only serve it with sauce once a month. Days may differ restaurant to restaurant but it come at no extra cost.

    Be aware the chef normally becomes tetchy and agitated as they prepare the sauce. Remember to always ask if the pie is being served rare today so you are prepared when you break the crust.

    Hope this helps all diners.

  13. It seems that in the modern navy in which gays and women are allowed to serve both hairy pie and navy cake are served more often.
  14. It sounds positivly revolting. Was this cake a by-product of stokers cleaning out certain blocked pipes, drying the contents in the cosy warmth of the stokehold covering it in icing and presenting it to gullible baby matelots as a delicacy? :pukel: :lol:

    Now eating THAT rare sounds ultra revolting.

  15. In this day and age it is called a "Fur Burger" :w00t:

    Regards, Chris
  16. There was always the stewards plum duff for afters.
  17. As it was in 1968, forty years ago little changes.

  18. I believe that the Canadians used to get to eat beaver on special days.

  19. Hence the old saying:

    "Save trees, eat beaver"

  20. D'ya want fries with twat?

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