navy boots / shoes


dose any one know were I can get a second pr of Boot/shoes the type that is issued to have for spare
I take it you're not in the RN otherwise you'd know that you'd go and steal* a pair and chop them in for new ones.

(*Find a pair loafing, unsecure for sea, on some dabber who doesn't need them etc etc)

Ebay is probably your best bet. If you're wanting "Shoes" then go to somewhere like Cadet Direct. If you're wanting "bats" (I.e DMS Boots) the current flavour are these:
you could always, wait and see if you need more? The more kit you have the more you have to carry and stow.
Submarine locker was about a 2' cube, some were smaller some bigger.
And it was plenty of room.

I used to laugh at the madness that was COs rounds of the boat.
For a SSBN spread over 3 days.
Day 1 back aft = all their extra "useful" shit moved to the MC until rounds complete
Day 2 MC = all their extra very useful shit moved to AMS2 and
Day 3 Fwd = all their crap moved to the MC. Sometimes they even remembered to take it back.

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