Navy Bans Page 3!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Potential_Officer, Jun 4, 2007.

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  1. Well obviously being a potential officer type, and having only posters of ships and the globe on my wall... ^~ but I am aware that some people like having this sort of thing in their locker for morale! Any officer with half a brain would not enforce this ban.

    It seems to be only the Sun who care about this story, WARNING there are some examples of the type of material!,,2007250684,00.html
  2. What makes them think the ban will last this time??
  3. Probably all part of a conspiracy to turn the Service gay . Nothing like a piccy of a bit o' crumpet to start the day .
  4. Ignore it and it will hopefully go away , kinell . sad .
  5. Like the time when they said you couldn't have your hair shaved shorter than grade 4, hmmm, that lasted a long time too.
    All matelots should be encouraged to view naked images of page 3 girls but thoroughly slapped if found reading the Sun.
  6. Personally I am not offended if blokes want to look at pictures of semi naked women, however what does offend me is the infrequency of willies in the mass media.

    Perhaps if you guys are supportive of page 3 you could join me in a campaign for more willies ..?

    Please post your willy here and the girls and I will form a committee!
  7. This has been tried before, back in the 70s, it was also shortlived.

    If you remember the antics of the Wardroom at c&a parties, this should be of little worry to the puritans these days.

  8. Can I be treasurer Rosy?
  9. Of course you can, and I would welcome applications for the post of chairwoman, secretary and chief willy inspector.
  10. Regardless of what was said in the Sun's story, the RN is not banning Page 3, but is simply trying to raise people's awareness of the need to respect others' sensitivities in the workplace. As such, RN personnel can read The Sun but should be aware that some pictures may cause offence to others and this has to be taken into account. This story has resulted from an interpretation of the revised guidelines on pornography which were recently issued.
  11. Is it just me smudge, but you seem to have an extensive knowledge on this subject?
  12. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    "respect others' sensitivities in the workplace."..... Sorry to quote you like this smudge but is this really what the Navy is coming to?

    It sounds like a load of PC bollox to me, every messdeck and barrack room used to have a porn baron, are gronks boards banned now as well? I find it hard to comprehend the use of such PC language by the astounds me.
  13. Aussie - remember I'm in the PR business - we get asked questions on this sort of stuff by the public when the Sun prints crap like this

    Blobs - like or not we have to be PC. I couldn't possibly comment!
  14. On the other hand some years ago I used to visit a company in Sweden and found the very large picture of a well built and endowed naked male in the coffee making area rather off putting.
  15. Guess I've got to take down my calendar it from "Fly Fishing Monthly"
  16. Why would't I (and most females on RR) find that off putting? Loving that word 'endowed'...
  17. Always willing to help!!

  18. That because you have got all the Willy images on your Computer!!! :w00t:
  19. Hopefully Rosy is burning a CD for me as we speak...
  20. Hack a womans breasts off in a movie and its ok, but show a man kissing one and the shit hits the fan. Why is violence more acceptable than tenderness? :whew:

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