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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by nykie, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. Hi there

    I will soon be a qualified mechanical engineer (BEng) after graduating from coventry university. I am looking into joining the navy as a officer engineer as it seems to offer what i'm after.

    the only thing is that i'm a little concerned that i don't know all the ins and outs of the navy, i'm limited on my naval history and actually most things to do with the navy.

    how much navy information will i need to know for when i'm at interview applying for a officer engineer position???

    help would be much appriciated!!!

  2. Re: Navy Backgroud Knowledge.....

    Hi Nykie,

    Have a read at this sticky...

    All about AIB

  3. Re: Navy Backgroud Knowledge.....

    I'm going to get myself the MOD guide to the royal navy and have a read

  4. Re: Navy Backgroud Knowledge.....

    I have just gone to waterstones and the book i have ordered is the 'navy handbook by the ministry of defence' is this the correct book???

  5. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Re: Navy Backgroud Knowledge.....

    Just a point of pedantry, you will soon have a BEng degree and have an academic qualification, you will not, however, be a qualified engineer - to be regarded as a qualified professional engineer requires a combination of both "responsible" experience and the degree - with your degree you'll have got the entry ticket to becoming a qualified engineer, but you're not quite there yet!

    Yours aye

    EurIng Flagwagger CEng MIET MSaRS
  6. Re: Navy Backgroud Knowledge.....

    i stand corrected...
  7. Re: Navy Backgroud Knowledge.....

    An English language "crammer" might help you as well!
  8. Re: Navy Backgroud Knowledge.....

    I feel that it is not only your English that needs consideration.

    You say you want to join the RN because it gives you "what you are after". What can you give to the RN?

    The RN - or indeed any of the forces - should not be seen simply as a career option. If you like the idea of marine engineering what about the merchant navy, the offshore business, shipbuliding/conversion etc.? Maybe you are IT or Electrical - we do not know, but the same arguement applies.

    The point is that you should want to be an RN Officer first and foremost and most people will have worked towards that, tried the RNR or URNU and will have a genuine interest in the RN and its history.

    If you can not demonstrate that or feel that you should be asking yourself why you think the RN "offers you what you want".

  9. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Re: Navy Backgroud Knowledge.....

    McCloggie: I concur. When I read these sort of threads about "...I've just graduate from Milton Keynes Poly and wanna join up, but dunno anyfink abart the RN, innit", I always recall a conversation I had when I was QM somewhere hot and high-profile, and I was busy trying to keep an eye on the Gangway. The 3OOD (or whoever) was a young, dumb full of enthusiasm S/LT who would constantly hover around the desk, wallowing in his own self-importance.

    Hacked off by his constant interruptions I asked him why he joined the RN, to which he replied: "To see the world, of course!"

    I responded: "I doubt that very much; I imagine you joined so the world could see you! The only reason you're hear now in your ice-cream suit is so that you can look good in front of the tourists on the jetty. If we were back in the UK in Pompey Dockyard in the wind and rain, I'd not see you all day. Additionally, the fact that you're here 'trying' to take charge of me and the Gangway is, franky, condescending. If something happens that requires your attention then I'll give you a ring in the Wardroom or pipe for you!"

    Rupert replies: "Right, I'm just off to do a set of rounds...". Never saw him again all day... :thumright:
  10. SgtP

    Lesson No. 1 when acting as OOD and the lads are ashore - LEAVE THE GANGWAY TO THOSE THAT KNOW BETTER!!!!!

    I was told to stay well away because if there was an "incident" it would be my fault for provoking said incident and only be there if I was piped!

    Seriously though, when I did my AIB there was a lot of WHY I wanted to join and what my reasons were. I was never the best student or the smartest but the fact that I was from a RN family and knew what it was about obviously helped.

  11. Re: Navy Backgroud Knowledge.....

    Just like being a lawyer. Getting the LLB is only the first stage. All those who solicit need their Practice Certificate first: why else do you think prozzies are so costly :twisted: ;)
  12. Hey Nykie

    I was just about to ask that very same question! I'm in a similar situation (actually graduated last year in Mech Engineering and am considering a career in the Navy)
    Thanks for the helpful replies, I’ll be looking at that sticky thread and prob be buying the book!

    It’s a shame to see some of the other comments however to this seemingly innocent question. There will be many people like us who are simply seeking more information about the Navy before applying… this is a Newbie forum after all...

    Everyone has to start somewhere and just because I didn’t grow up playing with boats in the bath doesn’t mean I am not now enthusiastic about joining the navy! The seeking of information before applying is surely a good thing and shows interest and enthusiasm in itself. Gotta start somewhere!

    SgtP… i think the comments you made about your conversation with “Rupert†were terrible and nothing to shout about. You call him young and enthusiastic like it’s a bad thing? I was under the impression all the forces, army, navy, raf whatever… gained strength from a spirit of camaraderie and helping each other out? But you write with pride about upsetting and embarrassing a new young office because he was hovering?? Yeh thumbs up, well done. He was prob just excited and wanted to see how things work…. And I wouldn’t mind guessing his “hovering and wallowing in self importance†was mostly an illusion created by your own sense of jealousy and envy that this young officer could order you to scrub the floor. I don’t know that much about the navy myself atm but I think I am right in saying that as a QM or navigator you are not an officer? Your poor attitude and apparent lack of decency are no doubt key reasons as to why this is the case…

    And btw “to see the world†is a perfectly fine answer that is likely one of the main factors for most who join today… heck the royal navy website even shouts about how you will be enjoying anything from nights out in downtown Tokyo to road trips across the USA!!

    PS. Please note there may be spelling and or grammar errors in this reply, if you find any there is no need to tell me. I really couldn’t care.
  13. Great reply Hughes!

    Yup, that has really put SgtP in his place and endeared you to all on the forum who will no doubt be only too glad to help you with some constructive advice when you ask for it.

    You might even become an average officer when you grow up.

  14. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    My comment was a generalisation of occifers who joined the RN because it seemed the 'right thing to do' and only wanted something from the Navy, rather than consider what they could offer the RN.

    Me neither... :yawn:
  15. Oh don't worry about him. Us potential officers seem to annoy some of the grumpier senior members of the forum. They often seem to forget that we're usually teenagers with little or no millitary experience rather than old matloes with 20 year service behind us. Just because people epress an interest in becoming an officer does not mean they are the finished article ... thats what BRNC is for, not RR.
  16. I agree. Most of them are just grumpy =]
    But no wounder they get wound up sometimes though tbh....
    I mean the thread about asking what iron to buy!
  17. Topaz
    I am one of the old grumpy barstewards and my belief is that if a youngster has the potential to become a Royal naval officer he/she should go for it.
    If you read my posts in the newbie section I think you will find most of them helpful though I do tend to get carried away when the English language is abused or stupid questions are asked.
  18. Hey I only called you grumpy! In that post I was only saying the fact that most of you only get wound up because of stupid questions like "What iron to buy". I do know that all of you help people!

    Is it just me or does everything someone says on this forum get twisted?
  19. I find the guys on this forum to be great. Pretty soon i will start my own innane questions about the AIB but i hope to have lurked long enough to be to know how and what to ask with out baiting the same great guys into grumpy mode. All in all its a great resource that one must be careful in using so not to annoy the old, bold and cynical amongst us.
  20. Just to add a bit to FlagWaggers point (and yes I know my grammar and punctuation leave something to be desired)

    Actually after graduating you will have Bachelors of Engineering Degree. In the UK there is no such thing as a qualified Engineer. Since A) Anyone can use the title Engineer (this upsets a large amount of practising Engineers) and B) There is no consensus of what an Engineer is let alone what it means to be qualified as one.

    However there are titles such as Chartered Engineer (CEng), Incorporated Engineer (IEng) and Engineering Technician (EngTech). These titles are awarded in the UK by the Engineering Professional Bodies on behalf of the Engineering Council.

    To qualify for any of these titles you have to as the FlagWagger put it

    You may have noticed that FlagWagger has proclaimed he has lots of both (Education & Experience) by the funny letters before and after his name. European Engineer, Chartered Engineer, Member of the Institute of Engineering & Technology and Member of the Safety and Reliability Society.



    MEng(Hons) MIET AMIMechE (Trying to gain enough responsible experience to add CEng :lol: )

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