Navy / Army Rubgy Match

Anybody going to the match next weekend ?

It will be my first time just wondering which stand / bars etc are Navy, any info would be grate


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Not going this year, but have 'Policed' it many times. Had a fantasic time each year I've worked there, with no trouble, plenty of banter and a great opportunity to bump into old shipmates (no drinking on duty for me, but certainly made up for it in Twickers/West End in the evening, after going back to get changed at Rochester Row!)

I think the Navy stands will be the ones full of drunken idiots and female rugger groupies getting their boobs out... or that might be the Army ones... oh, fuggit - you'll have a great day out, no matter who you end up talking to! Even if they do wear a red shirt...


Don't worry about where you go etc. It is the Military Social event of the year - it's fantastic, you will see lots of old friends and meet lots of new ones.

Just enjoy and go where your feet take you.

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