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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by DublinRum, Feb 15, 2011.

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  1. new to the site,Was up n belfast yesterday at an acquaint day they were running for waiting applicants, great insight into what life might be like at raleigh but im sure the real thing is alot tougher.
  2. what was it like? afco wont let me go on one yet as a still have a while to wait.
  3. it was very good yeah, still hoping to get sent on the 4 day RNAC in scotland sometime soon.
  4. Just been on the 4 day acquaint course at HMS Caledonia from Monday to Thursday of this last week. Infact, I was referred to this forum from it, I've been a keen lurker for over a year though.

    Was a brilliant insight to what to expect at HMS Raleigh and also of course what to expect in t'Navy. Food was delicious.

    Day 1: Arrived at Inverkeithing trainstation for 1400 and got picked up in a minibus. Had an initial brief telling us whats what and given some temporary kit to 'get us in the mood'. Learnt some drill and had some ice-breaking games. Lights out 2230.
    Day 2: Call to arms 0630. Kit and bed prep meant that getting up earlier than this time is advised. Hospital corners ;) More drill. Temporary issue of shirt and trousers to kit prep for officers rounds on Thursday morn. PTB (press-ups, sit-ups) late morning, followed by 1.5km run. Lunch, more teambuilding then swim practice. This is where I found out that I almost drowned; plenty of time to correct this! Had a few talks with senior rates and officers about navy life, pay etc. The details.
    Day 3: 0630 rise. More Drill. Another brief on pay and promotion prospects. 2 hour minibus trip to HMS Faslane - complete a 1.5 hour circuit, visit a chaplain, weapon training with SA80 (laser, not live rounds) and trip round a ship (we went around HMS Blythe). Drill, 2230 lights out.
    Day 4: 0630 rise (you get the idea. HMS Raleigh is 0545 rise though apparently). Officer rounds, checking beds, kits and boots (senior rating checked on all other days). Literacy and math test. Giving kit back, going home.
  5. Sounds interesting! In your 1.5 hour circuit, what sort of activities did you do?
  6. Simple pain inducing circuit made up of sprinting, situps then pressups. PTI style, if he/she doesn't think the group is giving 100% you get to go round again. :)

  7. I loved the circuits they provided on the aquaint. Just managed to persuade some of the fitness intructors where i work to get some classes going.
  8. for 1.5 hours?! do you just do so many of each then do them all over & over?! lol
  9. hey man,

    what is the ice breaking games made up of?

    what if u fail the maths, english test on the course? i already passed my tests just don't want the hassle of failing, as my maths is not the best to say the least.

    i have my acquiant course on 2nd may at hms collingwood, don't suppose anyone else is going there same day?

    cheers illuminati.
  10. This gives me the impression i might be close to getting a join date as i have my acquiant course on 2nd of may.

    Might be wrong though. can anyone add anything to this?.

    just cant wait to get to raleigh now
  11. Illuminati I had my RNAC In July last year, think it depends on which afco you go to.
  12. how long after did you get to raleigh or are you still waiting mate?
  13. Yeah I was told in November by my CA that he'd try & sort me out with an RNAC... But then I was given my start date & it went by the wayside...
  14. Still waiting, hopefully going this year
  15. I asked my PTI for a list of the exercises we did (using my brainbox!). If you pick one section to focus on, train like this -
    (arms = a, sit ups = b, legs = c, & 1-5 = exercise) try to do variety don't stick to the same one)
    A1-b1-a1-c1, a2-b2-a2-b2, etc OR
    a1-b1-a2-c1-a3-b2-a4-c2-a5-b3-a1-c3-a2-b4-a3-c4 etc

    Arms -
    Press Ups
    Wide Arm Press
    Close Arm Press
    Marine Press
    Press Ups (moving to the left then the right when you're holding it down)

    Sit Ups -
    Bicycle Crunches
    Sit Up Twists
    6 Inch Holds (flat on your back, lift your legs 6 inches off the floor vertically, hold with head and shoulders off the floor and hands on chest)

    Legs -
    Step ups (they want to hear a noise, do em heavy)
    Alt Squat Thrusts - (lean against something forward like a bench, jump your legs back and forth alternatively - so that one leg is always forward, one is always back)
    Burpees - (lean against something forward like a bench, jump your legs back and forth together, then stand up straight)
    Squat to bench - legs apart, squat down onto a bench or similar. (they want to hear a slap, do it heavy)
    Toe taps - Bench or similar. One foot should always be touching the bench like alt squat thrusts.
  16. Fun stuff. Just little activities to get to know everybody better.

    You complete a maths and literacy test at Raleigh in order to get in. If you go on the RNAC, you get to do this test and if you pass it, they MIGHT (let me repeat, MIGHT) let you use the results from your RNAC so that you can skip the one at Raleigh.
    Its not hard test. There are 5 levels, entry level 3 (fail), entry level 2 (lowest pass), entry level 1, (pass), level 1 (pass) and level 2 (best pass).

    If you don't pass it at the RNAC, it doesn't matter as you will just redo it at Raleigh. The RNAC is what they call a possible 'freebie' :)
  17. Don't get your hopes up. I've already been waiting a year and a half. Got another year and 2 months predicted wait to go - next april is the estimation according to AFCO.
  18. The 1.5 Hours also includes a trip around all the gym facilities, pool and such. As ours was at Faslane we went to look at the dry ski slope aswell. So its not all circuits for that time.
  19. What kind of stuff is involved in the team building games? or ice breaking games?

    Kinda like throwing balls to people while saying a name of the person you are throwing it to etc? just wondering thats all lol

  20. All sorts of challenges designed to make the team solve a problem and then work as a team to complete the task.
    During the ice breakers we all introduced ourselves and then they removed one chair and the person had to get a seat by saying something thy the others did, like if they said stand up if you play golf I'd have to stand up and try to take someone else's seat, either by taking someone else's seat who had to stand up or asking another question.

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