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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Dannyboy, Oct 1, 2009.

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  1. I was just wondering if anyone has been on a Royal Navy Acquaint Course?
    Would this be a dis-advantage to me if I can't get to go on one? I am in employment and have used all my leave this year and don't think my employer will let me have any time off.
  2. To a certain degree, yes. You get a taste of what basic training is like (so I'm told, I've been on the RNAC but I don't have basic training for a week or so), get a taste of PT and are given the opportunity to ask people with experience in your chosen field questions about it.
  3. I went on the RNAC and I thought it was pretty good.

    It gives you a little taste of what Raleigh is like so youd be doing things like:

    marching and drill etc

    have a bash at the PJFT and swimming test

    get a taste of a PT beasting.

    And other things such as a psycohmetric test you will have do at Raleigh which IIRC determines your potential for promotion etc but dont hold me to that I could be wrong.

    We also got a tour of the HMS Bangor and had a go on a virtual rifle range which was good fun.

    It certainly gives you more of an inside view and helps you be more mentally prepared for raleigh but dont worry if you cant go because it wont ruin your chances so to speak, the RNAC is more of a "Nice if you have" kind of thing but I dont think its 100% essential.

    You can always try asking your employer you never know. Hope this helps
  4. I don't think it will be a disadvantage if you can't go on one.

    Like many others before you and those who joined up many times before they even thought of the idea we never went on one.

    However it would give you an insight but I wouldn't say it disadvantages you. How else didn't 1000's of them cope before they had one
  5. I haven't been on one (am yet to have sift interview) but my guess is that it isnt a disadvantage to miss it, but its an advantage to go on it.

    I would if I were you. It shows commitment and gives you something to talk about at AIB aswell.
  6. I went on mine in June and thought it was superb, i'm sure it wouldn't be a huge disadvantage but it certainly gives you an idea of what Raleigh will be like. I'm so glad I went on mine.
  7. Thanks for the advice and I have decided I want to go on one and I am going to speak to my boss about getting the time off work.

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