Navalized Typhoon ?

Interesting article but they have a lot of competition for the India contract. And an interesting comment by the BAe fellow.... That if the Indians choose to utilise Catapult launching gear the BAe chances are well and truly sunk.

Also, the competing designs are already proven in the Naval role (F18, Rafale etc). The indians do have a history of buying British though.

Wonder if MM is lurking anywhere to add some thoughts.
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Perhaps we could just "Gift Aid" the lot via the Overseas development Aid. The government recently quoted in the Guardian
• Focus more aid on the 53-strong Commonwealth, which had been "under-valued" by Labour. Aid to India would be preserved because of its "deep historical and cultural relationship" with Britain even though its economy is developing rapidly.
Not sure why we give any aid packages to a nation able to afford its own fleet of nuclear submarines lol

India was happy to get Soviet arms assistance not more than a few decades ago. Maybe the MiG offer will win :p
Sea Typhoon has never been a realistic proposition for anyone.

The Indians have the luxury of being able to choose from any number of established western (Rafale M, FA-18E/F), Russian (MiG-29K, Su-33) or indigenous (a carrier variant of their own Tejas) carrier capable types before Sea Typhoon.

On a slight tangent, but I believe that the American government has just cancelled the jet engine being developed by GE (America) and Rolls-Royce. Rolls-Royce have\had a 40% share in the engine contract and the resulting engine was destined for the F-35 Lightning Joint Strike Fighter due to enter service in 2015.
So once the magento launch system thingy has fired the plane off the flight deck, what will keep it up in the air?
The all American alternative F135 engine being developed by PW.

The GE/RR F136 was arguably only being kept alive to pander to UK sensitivities regarding what powered our F-35B. Now we've changed the order to the C, that position has changed.

So RR weren't going to get a sniff of the project as they were backing version B instead of the C version that we have chosen to go with?
No - even with Dave B which could use the PW F135, the USN and Obama wanted to kill the F136 engine. Only congress kept putting it back in the programme. Something to do with competition in supply being a good thing - who'd have thought it.......?
Remember also that the USMC are mightily annoyed that the UK has now royally dropped their entire future aviation keystone in jeopardy by withdrawing from STOVL. Given that the Corps probably has more influence than any other service in DC, I suspect they're keen to kill off any British aspects of 'their' jet.

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