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Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by off_les_aura, May 5, 2011.

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  1. Does anyone know anything about Naval Wills? I was told to make one in 1993 when we sailed for the Adriatic and I updated it in 1998 when my first child was born. I recently found a document with a serial number on it saying that the Will will be held in Centurion (!) until I either die, leave the service or get promoted to commissioned rank. Anyone know where it would be now and what I have to do about it now I'm an officer????
  2. Contact the UPO they should know
  3. My bold.....but I bet they frikkin' don't!
  4. Intelligent response.

    Why don't you ******* ask them?
  5. Look for some one there who looks like they worked there in 93-98, any one younger............ no chance!
  6. Why not see a solicitor and make a new will? This automatically invalidates previous wills. Have it drawn up and kept by a local solisitor, cost in the region of £120 and money well spent to ensure that what you want to happen after your death happens.

  7. Make sure the family knowwhere the original is (Usually with the solicitor) and the copy with the solictors name.

    It caused problems sorting my dads affairs untill we found it,tucked in a pocket of a briefcase we nearly ditched. The Solicitor is now part of a big partnership and it took a few days for them to contact the relivent people as the will was 25 years old and the trustee had long since retired.
  8. Pretty sure they are all in Glasgow at the Defence Records Office (or whatever it is called).
  9. When my wife worked in a local solicitor they made wills for us gratis (saved about £200), previously I made a Naval Will and that is mentioned on my new one. Told me I could write and have it destroyed but as it is invalid its prob a waste of a stamp.
  10. You should ensure you have a valid will, setting out guardianship of your child(ren) even if you do nothing else.

    A will is revoked by marriage (unless made in contemplation of a marriage), and if you have since divorced then it will be as if the spouse as pre-deceased you.
  11. Off L/A

    2009-DIN01-210 is the relevant document.

    Since 2006, Service Personnel have been able to store their wills at the SPVA's Document Handling Centre in Glasgow, so it's possible that your existing will is there. Ring the SPVA on 0800 169 22 77 to ask them.

    If your will is deposited there, either already or in the future, the JCCC can access it if it should be needed.

    Your previous will would benefit from careful scrutiny and probably revision, to be honest. Your family situation, assets and wishes have almost certainly changed since it was written. If it is revised, the new revised version can then go to Glasgow.
  12. He might like to add this in as well Slim?? but costs extra....Tenants in common | This is Money

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