Naval Widow jailed for Service Pension Fraud

Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by trelawney126, Aug 29, 2012.

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  1. Thats a lot money to have pocketed, and not much thought as to why she should not have had it. 'Tipoff' sounds like a lot of jealousy.
  2. It isnt hard to read a maily that asks if you have had a change of circumstances! Bright as midnight!
  3. I've just signed and sent back my latest 'are you still alive?' maily from Xfactor or whatever it is called.
  4. Erm...she wasn't entitled to it.
  5. She got off lightly.
    My ex did pulled a similar stunt on the DSS. Not once but twice.
    IIRC it was 50k. Cost her 11 months inside. To be paid back at 10 quid a week. Out of the alimony I am still paying her.
  6. These people defrauding the taxpayer, who do they think they are, MPs!
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  7. Ermm - So you are her deceased husband...twice over...:shock:

    Scary reading that from you beyond the grave :wink:
  8. Did you do the tipping off?
  9. You silly girl, your mascara has run again, it was a subscribers list and it was from Max Factor.
  10. 'similar'.
    We divorced, courts awarded support from my Naval pay. No issues about that but in the meantime she claimed SS. Got caught. Slapped wrists.
    Some years later. I moved abroad. Pulled the same stunt even though I was still paying 850 a month and she got the house.
    Got caught again.
    Banged up with a load of lesbians for 11 months.
    Stupid cow.

    So not the same but still stealing from the tax payers out there.
  11. Funny you should mention that but no. The current wife did :)
    the first time. No idea 2nd time around.
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  12. Good girl. For **** sake dont piss her off.
  13. Still, Lincoln Crown Court looks lovely. All gothic and shit.
  14. So at least she had a nice day out, before going DAAAHN.
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  15. Nah nothing wrong with her thickness levels, she wanted to keep getting the money pure and simple.

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