Naval Widow jailed for Service Pension Fraud

Thats a lot money to have pocketed, and not much thought as to why she should not have had it. 'Tipoff' sounds like a lot of jealousy.


Lantern Swinger
She got off lightly.
My ex did pulled a similar stunt on the DSS. Not once but twice.
IIRC it was 50k. Cost her 11 months inside. To be paid back at 10 quid a week. Out of the alimony I am still paying her.


Lantern Swinger
Ermm - So you are her deceased husband...twice over...:shock:

Scary reading that from you beyond the grave :wink:
We divorced, courts awarded support from my Naval pay. No issues about that but in the meantime she claimed SS. Got caught. Slapped wrists.
Some years later. I moved abroad. Pulled the same stunt even though I was still paying 850 a month and she got the house.
Got caught again.
Banged up with a load of lesbians for 11 months.
Stupid cow.

So not the same but still stealing from the tax payers out there.
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